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Let’s Get Ready for Winter

As the leaves fall, we’re all reminded that winter is just around the corner, and we’re here to help you prepare! Let’s Get Ready For Winter together and discover essential tips on prepping your coop, nutrition, keeping your birds toasty, and maintaining egg production. Our blog, help desk, and YouTube channel have your winter poultry needs covered!

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How Do Chickens Stay Warm In The Winter?

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Winter Coop Prep – Video

Take a look at our Winter Coop Prep tips on YouTube! It’s time to start getting ready before winter temperatures sneak in!

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Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

Keeping chickens in the winter months isn’t difficult, but it does require a little extra care. Read about winter chicken keeping and how best to support your flock in the cold!

Book Recommendations from Meyer Hatchery
The Harvest Baker
Little Homesteader A Winter Treasury of Recipes, Crafts and Wisdom
Too Many Eggs by Mimi Smith-Dvorak Meyer Hatchery


Cold Hardy Layers

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Columbian Wyandotte Chicken Meyer Hatchery
Salmon Faverolles Day Old Chicks Meyer Hatchery
Buff Orpington Day Old Chicks Meyer Hatchery
Delaware Chicken Meyer Hatchery Day Old Chicks
Partridge Cochin Chicken Meyer Hatchery Day Old Chick


Meyer Hatchery Winter Preparation YouTube Videos


Meyer Hatchery Blog Posts

Check out all of our blog posts for all things fall and winter preparation. We cover a variety of poultry topics and make an effort to be a reliable information source for our readers. If there is another topic you would like to see, please reach out!

Chickens in Education

Chickens in Education

Chickens in education: Hands-on learning, responsibility, sustainable food, and compassion. Chickens making a positive impact on students.


Meyer Hatchery Winter Preparation

Help Desk Articles

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on visiting the Meyer Hatchery Help Desk. We have great resources on a variety of poultry related topics. You’re sure to learn something new!

Do I Need A Light In My Coop? Meyer Hatchery Help Desk
Poultry Nutrition Meyer Hatchery Help Desk Article
Poultry Diseases and Illnesses Meyer Hatchery Help Desk


Meyer Hatchery Winter Supplies

Vital Pack Vitamins and Electrolytes For Chickens Meyer Hatchery

Vital Pack

Chicken Waterer De-Icer

Plastic Heated Bucket

First Saturday Lime

Heated Round Bowl

Rooster Booster Pick-No-More

Rooster Booster Pick-No-More

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8-quart rubber pan

Udder Butter Skin Protectant Chicken Comb Protection Meyer Hatchery

Udder Butter Skin Protectant

Plastic Tank Heated De-Icer

Peck N Play Ball