On your newest Meyer Hatchery Additions!

Before You Turn them Loose….

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While you’re sharing your excitement, we’ve compiled a few resources to help
ensure your chicks are off to the best possible start! 

Inspect Your Box

When your chicks arrive, check to make sure there are not any stickers or special instructions on the outside or underside of the lid. The lid will list all of your breeds, quantities as well as any leg band information for rare breeds. If you requested our Gender Identification Services, the corner they are located could be marked.

How To Revive A Weak Chick

While we do our best to ensure their safety during transit, there are many factors that are out of our control. If your chicks arrive weak, chilled or lethargic, they will often recover with the right care. Find out top tips for helping weak chicks recover here

48-Hour Livability Policy

On rare occasions, you may experience a loss. Meyer Hatchery will issue a refund, store credit, or offer a one-time replacement for properly cared-for losses within the first 48-hour period. To report, Contact Us!

Grogel provides just what chicks need in the first few days after arrival by giving them immediate nutrition and hydration. That’s why new for 2020, we’re including a free 25 dose packet in your order! New to Grogel? Find mixing instructions here. 

Vital-Pack and Vital-Pack Plus (for meat birds) is full of water-soluble vitamins and electrolytes. If you ordered these optional items they can typically be found within a pocket inside of the box. Learn how to mix your vital pack here

A Heat Pack may be located under the bedding. It will be in a brown paper bag, stamped for identification. Please be aware that the heat pack is not reusable and is not intended to be fed to the chicks.

Leg bands must be removed or changed to a larger size 7 days after hatch. Find how to best remove leg bands here.

Elastic Leg Bands are stretchy and go on and come off chicks legs easily. Meyer Hatchery leg bands some of our more difficult breeds to ID based on customer feedback.  Find our color-coded leg band identification guide for rare breeds here. Also, if you opted for our Sex Identification Service, your chicks may have a leg band for gender identification purposes.

Standard Chick Id

Find photos and our best tips on identifying your standard chick breeds, here.

Bantam Chick ID

Find photos and our best tips on identifying your bantam chick breeds, here.

Brooding Chicks

Now that we have your chicks unboxed, it’s time to get them in the brooder! Chicks can not maintain their own body temperature until they are fully feathered, making your brooder set-up crucial to their success.

New to brooding? Checkout out our Chick Brooding 101: How To Raise Chicks from Arrival to Fully Feathered help desk article out, below. We include everything you need to know to successfully raise chicks and get them ready for the coop!

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