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Raising White Jumbo Cornish Cross for Fair

Raising White Jumbo Cornish Cross for Fair

Discover tips for raising White Cornish Cross meat birds for competitions. From entry rules to bird selection and care, this guide covers all you need. Minimize stress, ensure nutrition and cleanliness, and enhance breast development. Show your poultry with confidence.

Selecting Your Show Bird for County Fair

Selecting Your Show Bird for County Fair

Choose the perfect show bird chicken for County Fair. Discover key factors like temperament, size, standards of perfection, and expert tips. Meyer Hatchery offers quality chickens for an exceptional show experience.

Show Day Prep for Chickens

Show Day Prep for Chickens

Learn how to prepare to show chickens at a fair or poultry show. Read about housing, feeding, bathing and show day grooming techniques to win!

Ohio National Poultry Show 2019

Ohio National Poultry Show 2019

Amanda gives us a recap of the 2019 Ohio National Poultry show in Columbus, Ohio. With over 2200 entries, the Ohio National is one of the largest in the US.


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How To Give Your Chicken A Bath


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The Coop with Meyer Hatchery Podcast

Whether it’s your first year or you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to showing poultry, be sure to check out our podcast. We interview Mike, Show Superintendent of Ohio National Poultry Show, and also chat with Amanda from Meyer Hatchery on their best tips and tricks for placing. 

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Green Goo Poultry Wash

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