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Identifying Predators and Protecting Your Poultry Blog

Identifying Predators and Protecting Your Poultry

Learn how to identify common poultry predators and steps to take to help protect your chickens.

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Got Nighttime Predators? Nite-Guard Solar May Help! | Meyer Hatchery

Got Night Time Predators? Nite-Guard Solar May Help

If you’ve owned chickens or other poultry for more than a few years, you’re probably familiar with the fact that there are a multitude of predators that want access to your flock. It’s certainly devastating to find a nighttime predator has attacked your flock while you slept.

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Coyote - Meyer Hatchery blog

Predators 101

Having troubles with predators in your chicken coop? Learn how to tell which predator is likely getting your chickens and how to prevent future attacks

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meyer hatchery blog Jess and roo

Protecting Against Predators

Jess from the Remote Customer Service Team shows us her summer coop setup, how she deals with the challenges of their location, and how she protects her chickens and ducks from predators.

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