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What is Marek’s Disease

Marek’s disease is a type of avian cancer caused by a virus. It primarily affects chickens between the ages of 4 – 20 weeks. There is currently no known treatment for Marek’s, but thankfully there is a vaccine available!

More Than Just Chicks: How to Raise Exotic Pheasants

Meyer Hatchery carries a variety of exotic pheasants for you. Good beginner pheasants (easier) are the Red Golden, Yellow Golden, other color variations of the Goldens, and the Lady Amherst. The other species are more challenging and considered an experience or advanced species. Please remember, this guide is a general overview of exotic pheasants.

Wry Neck in Chickens

Wry neck, also called crook or crooked neck, twisted neck, or stargazing, is a condition that can affect chicks, chickens, and other poultry. This condition causes your chicken to lose control of its neck and not be able to hold it up. It can progress to the point...

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