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As America’s Premier Poultry Source, Meyer Hatchery is here to guide you through every stage of your poultry journey. Whether you’re considering ordering poultry from us or simply curious about how things operate at a chicken hatchery, we provide valuable insights, including tips on ordering, selecting the right breed(s) for your flock, and even behind-the-scenes videos.

Meyer Hatchery Shipping Box

NPIP Certification

  • We exceed NPIP certification standards, ensuring disease-free birds.
  • We provide NPIP VS Form 9-3 at no charge for all live shipments.

48 Hour Livability Policy

  • We stand behind our birds with a 48-hour livability policy.
  • Properly cared-for chicks are covered in shipping and the first 48 hours after arrival.

Ordering Options

  • Orders can be made online or with our Customer Service Team.
  • Real-time inventory updates on the website.
  • Multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple/Google Pay.

Sexing Guarantee Policy

  • Meyer Hatchery guarantees 100% accuracy in sexing chicks.
  • Report sexing errors within specified timeframes for eligibility.

Meyer Meal Maker

The Meyer Meal Maker program from Meyer Hatchery offers a free day-old chick with the condition that you raise it and donate the eggs or meat it produces to a local family or charity in need. This simple initiative allows you to make a meaningful difference in your community by providing food to those who need it. It’s our way of giving back, since 2011. Consider adding a meal maker to your next day-old chick order.

Homestead Helper

New for 2024, Meyer Hatchery is offering a free day-old male chick you can add to your day-old chick order, the Homestead helper. This hatchery choice, free, day-old male chick is offered to help you maintain a sustainable flock on your homestead. Consider adding one to your next day-old chick order!

Insider Tips

Discover insider tips for placing your order and more details on our company and our policies with these helpful tips.

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The History of Meyer Hatchery and it's founder Karen Meyer

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