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Egg Decorating Ideas For Naturally Colorful Eggs

What if I told you that you can use your already jewel toned eggs and still have fun decorating the hard-boiled beauties for those Easter baskets? I was struggling with this “problem” this year and here are some ideas that I came up with.

Meyer Makes: A Chicken Saddle

Meyer Makes: A Chicken SaddleOn this episode of Meyer Makes, Jess shows us how to sew a chicken saddle. Sometimes a rooster with a “favorite” hen may cause damage to her feathers and back. Putting a saddle (also known as a chicken apron) on your hen can protect them...

Too Many Eggs? Try These Non-Breakfast Recipes!

Last summer you were undone by the chicken math, and for months you have been feeding your ravenous flock of tiny velociraptors through the winter with barely an egg in sight. Maybe you have even been forced to (gasp!) buy eggs at the grocery store, but longer days are here and, with them, comes the inevitable overrun of egg laying.

Your 2018 Holiday Decorating Guide

I feel like the 12 Days of Christmas song needs a revamp for the number 4. How about “4 broody hens!” This nesting box ornament allows you to bring a bit of the coop indoors for the holidays.

DIY Chicken Ornaments

Now is the time of year to make some fun ornaments to not only display on your favorite tree, but share with your friends, and family as a great present.  Learn how to make 3 “chicken” themed ornaments with simple supplies.

Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit Buying Guide

I think at one time or another, every “crazy chicken lady” was once an onlooker wondering what all of the hype over chickens is about. Perhaps it started with an innocent desire to have fresh eggs in one’s own backyard, or an interest in a unique pet. But eventually many of us cannot stop at just a “few” chickens. Once we learn that chickens can provide so much more than eggs, our need to add more to our flock and talk about chickens constantly grows stronger and stronger. Before you know it you’re known as the “crazy chicken lady”. And people say it like it’s a bad thing.

A Turkey Cheese Ball for Your Feast

Tis’ the season for everything turkey themed. Today I am going to show you how to make a turkey cheese ball that is sure to be hit at your next get together.  There are so many options when making a cheese ball, but this recipe is my family’s favorite and is super easy with only a few ingredients.

Meyer Hatchery's Fall Table Buying Guide

It’s that time of the year when summer has given way to fall leaves, crisp air, and everything pumpkin. The chickens are molting and you’re starting to have nightmares about keeping their waterers from freezing solid in just a few short weeks.

Meyer Makes – Fall Molt Feather Wreath

Fall is here!  It is time for your flock to do their fall molt.  What to do with all those feathers?  Follow our instructions below to make a beautiful Fall Molt Feather Wreath of your own!

Backyard Eggs Price Trends Across the US

We recently asked our Facebook followers across the United States to give us their feedback regarding how much they sell a dozen chicken eggs for in their area. We also asked them to comment if they were feeding conventional poultry feed, non-GMO or organic feed, or raised their flock exclusively on pasture or forage.  Here’s how the results came in.

Benefits of Free Ranging Your Chickens

While your flock of chickens are loving what they are doing they are filling their bellies up as well, which is great for them and also great for you. Their bellies are full on what nature is freely providing for them and they don’t need as much grain due to the extra protein intake, which makes you happy!

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