Jessica Bertolino - Meyer Hatchery brand ambassador

Karen Meyer

Owner and Founder of Meyer Hatchery

Karen’s chicken-keeping started as a hobby, as she also worked alongside her husband on their dairy farm while raising four children. As chicken math usually happens, the hobby turned into a small business. Over 35 years later, the hobby is a thriving business that employs over 80-100 team members during the busy season. Karen is very involved in the day-to-day operations of the hatchery and works hard with the management team to ensure healthy birds are provided to each customer while also offering industry-leading education.

Favorite Breed: Mottled Cochin Bantams, the long flowing feathers of our flock are stunning, they look like they are wearing ball gowns.
Favorite Product: Baby Bulk Chick Feeder as well as our Meyer Hatchery Insulated Tumblers, engraved by a local vendor. 

Jessica Bertolino - Meyer Hatchery brand ambassador

Ben Brushaber

Principal and Director of Technology

Ben truly grew up at Meyer Hatchery as Meyer’s first employee in 2000. He started his Meyer journey in high school and moved up through almost every position at the hatchery with dedication and lots of hard work. From customer service to shipping and our breeder barns, all the way to his position as Director of Technology, Ben is a true Meyer Hatchery expert. Family is a huge priority to Ben, so when he isn’t creating innovative new technological resources for the hatchery, you can find Ben and his family spending time outside with their dogs in the gardens or vacationing to their favorite escape – The Sunshine State!

Favorite Breed: Wyandotte
Favorite Product: Wise Mountable 20-Pound Feeder, for the convenience of size and style for my larger flock. 


Duane Schrier

Senior Executive

After serving our country for 23 years in the US Army, Duane joined Meyer Hatchery’s Human Resources Department in 2014. Duane was promoted to Senior Executive for Meyer Hatchery summer of 2021. Even though jumping out of airplanes was one of the highlights of his former career, Duane loves that he now gets to help people on a daily basis for our small company. You won’t find a flock in Duane’s backyard, though! He considers the Meyer Hatchery flock his own and spends his free time in the great outdoors hunting, fishing, and taking his boat for a spin on the lake.

Favorite Breed: Silver Spangled Hamburg
Favorite Product: Rollaway Community Nest Box, same as we use in our breeder barns. Makes egg collecting a breeze and keeps the eggs clean.

Meghan Howard

Director of Sales and Marketing

In just a few short years since joining the company in 2016, Meghan has transformed Meyer Hatchery’s website, marketing, and customer service departments, and undertaken numerous projects that have propelled us to the very top of our industry. Meghan is inspired by the holacracy-management style, which has made it possible for her team not to have rigidly-assigned roles and instead have the flexibility to take on various tasks based on their interests and talents. When Meghan is not busy selling chickens, she’s spending time in the great outdoors with her boys and rescue dogs hiking, camping, and floating.

Favorite Breed: Lisa Steele’s Cookies and Cream, as I worked with Lisa to design this chicken
Favorite Product: Plastic Coated 7-Dozen Egg Basket, I use this daily to gather eggs and garden veggies!

Cheryl Filak

Retail Store Manager and Purchaser

A lifetime of knowledge and a passion for the wisdom of the past fuel Cheryl as she manages the retail store of Meyer Hatchery. Growing up around all types of animals has given Cheryl the hands-on experience to continue the farm-to-table tradition with her own family. Since 2011, Cheryl has been the first welcome to many customers as they visit the store and get their introduction to chicken keeping. The supplies, ideal set-up, different breeds, and feed for those new to chickens can be overwhelming. Cheryl has both the encouragement and fantastic knowledge to give customers the confidence for success. Keeping chickens should be fun, and Cheryl loves to help customers find “more than one way into a castle,” so to speak, meaning there is more than one right way to do things. Cheryl works hard to source new and quality products to offer Meyer Hatchery customers and is proud to be a woman working in agriculture!

Favorite Breed: Buff Brahma
Favorite Product: Blenheim Chicken 13.3-Pound Feeder with Grill

Jess | Meyer Hatchery Hatch-Along

Barb Bricker

Shipping Manager

Running a family excavating company from home as she raised her children has given Barb the multitasking skills to manage the fast pace of the Meyer Hatchery shipping department. Besides the busy hatch days that start in the very early morning, Barb also manages all aspects of shipping supplies, started pullets, and hatching eggs. Shipping live animals has many detailed elements, but Barb and the shipping team always have one goal in mind: happy, healthy birds delivered to our customers. Barb’s favorite part of working at Meyer Hatchery since 2010 is that each day brings something new and different and that her job is very hands-on.

Favorite Breed: Cream Legbar, they are so friendly and gentle
Favorite Product: Heated 2-Gallon Poultry Nipple Drinker, invaluable when working the hours required for the shipping department!

Katrina Shrader

Breeder Facility Manager

Katrina joined the Meyer team in 2020 and was promoted to Breeder Facility Team Lead in August of 2022, making her the “mother hen” to our breeding flock. She turned her personal hobby of backyard chicken keeping into a career that has changed the way she thinks about poultry, especially how fascinating chicken genetics are! When she isn’t managing team members in the barns, Katrina is assessing the care and well-being of Meyer Hatchery’s breeder flock. Nature is a big part of Katrina’s life and she loves hiking and kayaking to enjoy the outdoors!

Favorite Breed: Mottled Ancona
Favorite Product: Farmer’s Helder Cackleberry Nugget Treats

Jess | Marketing Lead

Jess Nestor

Marketing Lead

Jess has grown leaps and bounds in her time with Meyer Hatchery. She started on the customer service team fall of 2017 but quickly found a passion for video and she became the driving force behind Meyer’s YouTube channel. Jess has extensive knowledge of editing and YouTube videos which has led the YouTube channel to be an invaluable resource for customers. Her talent for visually connecting with and educating customers got her promoted to Marketing Lead. While Jess is full of big and creative ideas, her flock of chickens comprises of mostly bantam chickens, ducks and Coturnix quail. Jess enjoys photography, crafting, and creating with her 3D printer when not tending to her small farm or the YouTube channel.

Favorite Breed: Silkies
Favorite Product: Lisa Steele’s Brewer’s Yeast

Meyer Hatchery Permits, Barn Records, Shipping, Team Lead Michelle

Michelle M

Customer Service Team Lead

Meet Michelle, our Customer Service Team Lead. Michelle has been an integral part of Meyer Hatchery for over 4 years, initially in Customer Service and now is the team lead. She has a passion rooted in a 15-year journey of self-sufficiency and sustainable living. Michelle began by raising chickens, turkeys, and hogs, and expanded her farm to include bee hives, fruit trees, bushes, and dairy goats. She values chickens for their multi-functionality, using them not only for eggs and meat but also for bug control and compost production.  With her kids grown, Michelle devotes her time to gardening and baking, continuously exploring ways to improve garden yields and soil structure, while indulging in her love for desserts, breads, and sweets.

Favorite Breed: Blue Copper Marans
Favorite Product: Plastic Heavy Duty Hanging Poultry Feederespecially when raising large batches of meat chickens or turkeys.