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Meyer Hatchery is a proud partner of Lisa Steele, a fifth-generation chicken owner and well-known founder of Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa’s blog, books, and newest television show covers everything you need to know about chickens, gardening, crafts, and recipes. 

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Lisa’s Meyer Hatchery Chick Picks

Lisa Steele’s favorite chicks from Meyer Hatchery are all very hardy breeds, consisting of blue and black colors and lay a great variety of eggs.

DIY Chicken Keeping from Fresh Eggs Daily with FREE Bonus Download with Pre-Order

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Lisa Steele, founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, pens the ultimate do-it-yourself guide for chicken keeping. The chapters of this 160 page paperback book cover all skill levels and offer a wide-range of projects to improve your coop, run, brooder, or kitchen. Your chickens will surely appreciate your DIY efforts as you tackle over 40 easy to follow projects which include: removable coop ladder roost, boot tree stand, feeding station, compost bin, sliding barn coop door, feed dolly, chick-sized jungle gym, chick roosting bar, and chicken-proof herb garden. You and your flock are sure to have fun as you create the ultimate DIY chicken projects!

Also includes a FREE immediate download of 2 bonus DIY chicken projects! These projects are only available to those who placed a pre-order for DIY Chicken Keeping prior to the February 11thnrelease date.

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Coop Plans From
Fresh Eggs Daily

PDF plan downloads from Fresh Eggs Daily include: 

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions including full-color progress photographs
  • Complete Illustrated Cutting Diagrams
  • Materials List/Cost Estimate
  • Full-color photographs of the finished house from various angles

Begin building your new coop today! 


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