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Meyer Hatchery is a proud partner of Lisa Steele, a fifth-generation chicken owner and well-known founder of Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa’s blog, books, and newest television show covers everything you need to know about chickens, gardening, crafts, and recipes. 

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Lisa Steele’s favorite chicks from Meyer Hatchery are all very hardy breeds, consisting of blue and black colors and lay a great variety of eggs.

Bella Coop Building Plan - Instant Download

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The Bella Coop is similar to our Daisy plan but on a smaller scale. It is a beautiful coop that handles up to 6 full-sized chickens. With this coop, your girls will be the envy of the neighborhood flocks!

These plans feature 16 square feet of floor space and 4 nesting boxes that are fully accessible from the outside. The entire back door opens for easy cleaning with a removable roost. The 2-foot elevation from the ground, allows you to clean your coop without any bending. The sliding glass window provides both light and the availability for increased fresh air ventilation.

With this order, you will receive a 37-page building plan in full color. It comes with a complete tool and material list that includes color-coded photos to make the step-by-step directions easy to follow. Also included with these plans are the directions for an attached outdoor run to help your girls enjoy additional sunshine and exercise.

You can construct this amazing coop even without prior construction experience. The current estimated cost of materials for The Bella is $600 to complete, though costs will vary depending on your local prices.

Coop dimensions are 4′ deep, 7 1/2 ‘ tall at the peak, and 7’ wide with the nest boxes.

Plans are instantly emailed to you after purchase. Be sure to download the PDF document and print, or save in a safe spot.

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Coop Plans From
Fresh Eggs Daily

PDF plan downloads from Fresh Eggs Daily include: 

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions including full-color progress photographs
  • Complete Illustrated Cutting Diagrams
  • Materials List/Cost Estimate
  • Full-color photographs of the finished house from various angles

Begin building your new coop today! 


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