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Lisa Steele’s

Meyer Hatchery Favorites!


Founder of Fresh Eggs Daily

Lisa Steele 


Meyer Hatchery is a proud partner of Lisa Steele, a fifth-generation chicken owner and well-known founder of Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa’s blog, books, and newest television show covers everything you need to know about chickens, gardening, crafts, and recipes. 

Lisa’s Meyer Hatchery Chick Picks

Lisa Steele’s favorite chicks from Meyer Hatchery are all very hardy breeds, consisting of blue and black colors and lay a great variety of eggs.

Find More With Lisa Steele On
The Coop with Meyer Hatchery Podcast

Lisa started Fresh Eggs Daily in 2012 with a blog about raising chickens naturally, but fast forward to over 10 years later and Lisa has released a wide range of poultry-related books.

Over on The Coop with Meyer Hatchery podcast, learn more about Lisa Steele’s chicken keeping journey, Meyer Hatchery exclusive Breeds, and her top advice for new chicken keepers. Listen today on your favorite podcast app or on The Coop website. 

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