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We carry a variety of hatching eggs: Guinea Fowl, Quail, Turkey, Duck and of course Chicken. Whether you’ve incubated eggs before or are trying for the first time, Meyer Hatchery has insider tips for every step of incubation and hatching. Blog posts, YouTube videos, and more! You’re sure to learn something new!

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Guide to Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs

Follow our 7-step guide to successfully hatch chicken eggs in your own incubator. We dive into all parts of the incubating and hatching process to support your most successful hatch!

Chicken Hatching Eggs Packed for Shipping Meyer Hatchery

How are Hatching Eggs Packed for Safe Shipping?

Interested in ordering hatching eggs, but concerned about having them shipped? Check out how we pack our hatching eggs for safe shipping!

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Incubating and Hatching Eggs

Incubating and hatching your poultry properly is important for a positive outcome. Meyer Hatchery helps you learn great incubating techniques for chickens, ducks, quail, and turkey hatching eggs!

Book Recommendations from Meyer Hatchery
Let's Hatch Chicks by Lisa Steele Children's Book at Meyer Hatchery
A Guide to Better Hatching by Janet Stromberg Meyer Hatchery
Hatching and Brooding Your Own Chicks by Gail Damerow Meyer Hatchery


Hatching Eggs

Porcelain Belgian Bearded d’uccle Bantam Hatching Eggs Meyer Hatchery
Olive Egger Chicken Hatching Eggs Meyer Hatchery
Assorted Rare Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs - Dozen Meyer Hatchery
Assorted Courtnix Quail Hatching Eggs Meyer Hatchery
Black Copper Marans Chicken Hatching Eggs Meyer Hatchery
Signature Broad Breasted Turkey Hatching Eggs Meyer Hatchery


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Incubating and Hatching

Blog Posts

Check out all of our blog posts for all things incubating and hatching. We cover incubating and hatching chicken, duck, quail, and more!
If there is another topic you would like to see, please reach out!

A Crackin’ Comparison: Poultry Eggs

A Crackin’ Comparison: Poultry Eggs

From the classic chicken egg to unique options like duck, quail, goose, guinea fowl, and turkey eggs, discover their sizes, tastes, nutritional values, and culinary uses


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Help Desk Articles

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on visiting the Meyer Hatchery Help Desk. We have topics on all things incubating and hatching and great resources on other poultry topics, too. You’re sure to learn something new!

How Long Can I Store Fertile Eggs Before Incubation? Meyer Hatchery Help Desk Article
Chicken Hatching Eggs Breed Key Meyer Hatchery
Incubation Troubleshooting Meyer Hatchery Help Desk