Meat Bird Tracker

From Meyer Hatchery

Record and Expense Tracker for Raising Meat Birds This Season!

How To Use The Meat Bird Tracker


Download our FREE Meat Bird Tracker by entering your email above. This printable document is perfect for hanging on the refrigerator, posting in the mudroom, or keeping on a clipboard in the coop.


Record the weekly weights of birds, along with their feed consumption. You can also note if any losses occur.


Note the initial cost of your chicks, cost of feed and how many bags of feed in total are consumed.


When you’re ready to process, record their final dressed weight, tally up your expenses and determine what your average price per pound is!


Print a new sheet each season to record your meat bird raising and track expenses!

Tracking can be a fun activity for your family’s backyard flock or those taking their meat birds to market. Using the tracker can also help you budget for feed, supplements, and give you an overview of how your breeds are growing. If you’re raising multiple breeds, keep a tracker for each to compare their growth rates and return on investment. Regardless of your use, we think you’ll find the Meat Bird Tracker from Meyer Hatchery a valuable asset to your flock goals this year!

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