Hatching Egg Tracker

From Meyer Hatchery

Planning to incubate fertile eggs for hatching?

We’ve created a hatching egg tracker to help you keep track of things like egg quantity, breed, candling checks, lockdown and the date they hatch!
Perfect for at home hatching or to use in the classroom. Download your own hatching egg tracker today!

How To Use The Hatching Egg Tracker


Download our FREE Hatching Egg Tracker by entering your email above. This printable document is perfect for hanging on the refrigerator or keeping next to your incubator.


Record the number of eggs you’re incubating and the date you set them. You can also record the breed of that egg if you’re choosing to set multiple.


In the next column, check if you choose to candle at day 8 and day 18. You can also check their fertility status on those same dates. Record the date you “lockdown” your incubator to prepare for hatch, and the date they finally hatch!


There’s also room for you to record other important information like your temperature and humidity on day one and on your lockdown date. You can also record the number of eggs set vs hatched to determine your overall hatch rate. Keep any notes you may want to remember for next time in the notes column.


We’ve also included some general recommendations for you to help guide you in the incubation process. Print a new sheet each time you incubate eggs and keep the sheets for your record!

If you’re looking for a more in-depth incubating resource, check out our Guide To Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs, here. Tracking can be a fun activity for your family’s backyard flock or in the classroom. Regardless of your use, we think you’ll find the Incubation and Hatching Egg Tracker from Meyer Hatchery a valuable asset to your flock goals this year!

So what are you waiting for? Enter your email address above and start tracking today!