MOnthly Egg Production Tracker

From Meyer Hatchery

Have big goals for your laying
flock this year?

To help you stay organized and track your egg production, download our Free Monthly Egg Production Tracker below!

How To Use The Egg Production Tracker


Download our FREE Egg Production Tracker by entering your email above. This printable document is perfect for hanging on the refrigerator, posting in the mudroom, or keeping on a clipboard in the coop.


Record your daily egg collection including usable eggs and eggs you may find broken or unsellable. You can also note factors like how many chickens are laying and if your flock is going through a molt.


Note how many eggs you’ve sold, given away, or kept for yourself in addition to your daily feed cost.
You can also record other expenses that may arise for supplements such as grit, oyster shells, etc.


At the end of the month tally up your eggs and expenses to see if your backyard flock has earned their keep!


Print a new sheet each month to track your most profitable egg month!

Tracking can be a fun activity for your family’s backyard flock or those taking their eggs to market. Using the tracker can also help you budget for feed, supplements, and give you an overview of how your breeds are producing. Maybe it’s time to add new layers to your flock to keep production numbers high or change up your breeds to add more marketable egg colors. Regardless of your use, we think you’ll find the Egg Production Tracker from Meyer Hatchery a valuable asset to your flock goals this year!

So what are you waiting for? Download and start tracking your egg production today!