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Coops, Runs, and DIY Projects on Your Homestead

An integral part of your poultry journey is the design and setup of your coop and run, and at Meyer Hatchery, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. We offer recommendations on sizing and layout and have lots of coop tours to inspire your own coop design. If you’re the hands-on type, we provide a wide range of DIY project ideas, from constructing practical chicken tractors to getting creative with chicken feather wreath art projects – there’s something for everyone. Explore our resources and start your journey to build a new coop or kickstart your homestead DIY adventure today!

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Coops and Runs

Explore your flock’s outdoor spaces. We dive into sizing, expansion, bedding, and so much more!

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If you enjoy building and have your own tools, Meyer Hatchery has a vast selection of downloadable chicken coop plans, houses for ducks and broody hens, as well as accessories for making poultry feeders, waterers, and more.

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Chicken picnic tables, egg crafts, sewing projects, chicken treats, homemade soap, and more! Our varying collection of crafts is sure to spark your creativity. Explore our DIY craft ideas and do some crafting right at home today!

Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects by Spike Carlsen Meyer Hatchery
Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple by Nikki Husted
DIY Chicken Keeping from fresh eggs daily 40+ projects


DIY Plans

Comfy Coops instant download chicken coop plans Meyer Hatchery
A-Frame Chicken Tractor Building Plans Meyer Hatchery
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Meyer Hatchery Blog Posts

Check out all of our blog posts for all things DIY projects and crafts. We cover a variety of poultry topics and make an effort to be a reliable information source for our readers. If there is another topic you would like to see, please reach out!

Comparing Chicken Coop Bedding Materials

Comparing Chicken Coop Bedding Materials

Discover the ideal bedding for your chicken coop! From straw to pine shavings, shredded paper to sand, explore the pros and cons of common bedding options. Make informed choices for a cozy, clean, and comfortable space for your feathered friends. Find out which bedding suits your coop and contributes to a happy and healthy environment for your hens.

How to Fix a Muddy Run

How to Fix a Muddy Run

A muddy poultry run is a messy inconvenience, a safety issue, and a health risk for your flock. Read our tips for how to fix a muddy run!

Safety Tips For Using A Heat Lamp

Safety Tips For Using A Heat Lamp

Learn essential safety tips for using heat lamps when brooding baby chicks and small livestock. Avoid fire hazards and keep your animals safe.


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Help Desk Articles

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on visiting the Meyer Hatchery Help Desk. We have great resources on a variety of poultry related topics. You’re sure to learn something new!

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