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Prepare For Your Classroom Hatch

Congratulations on completing the ChickQuest training!

Meyer Hatchery is thrilled to partner with GrowNextGen to provide the supplies and eggs you need to bring this interactive learning experience to your classroom.

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Are you a ChickQuest Workshop Alumni?

Visit the GrowNextGen ChickQuest alumni resources page to find the workshop videos, helpful links and other helpful links.

Get Your Hatching Eggs

12 Assorted Hatching Eggs for ChickQuest - Meyer Hatchery

The best time to order your hatching eggs is now!

You need to place your hatching egg order as soon as possible after completing ChickQuest. Before you place your order, you need to have a few pieces of information.

Place your hatching egg order early to ensure that you will receive eggs on your schedule.

  • Your ship date for your hatching egg order needs to be 3 weeks before your targeted hatch date.
  • You can place your hatching egg order anytime, and you will choose the ship date when you place the order.
  • We sometimes sell out of hatching eggs as spring months arrive due to the increased demand.
  • The eggs you receive will be a hatchery choice of breeds. May include both standard and bantam breeds.

Set Up Your Incubator

Commonly Asked Questions

Incubating & Brooding

Hatching Egg Failure Cause/Correction Blog

The Perfect Classroom Setup For Your Incubator

Hatching chicks in the classroom can be both rewarding and exciting, but is your classroom truly ready? 

Rhode Island Red chicks in brooder - Meyer Hatchery blog

Set Up The Chicks' Brooder

After the chicks hatch and all are dry and fluffy, they need to move into a brooder. Read how to set up the chicks’ temporary home, so they thrive.

Other Helpful Videos

Hatching Eggs For The First Time
Hatching Egg Unboxing
From Pip To Hatch: A Time Lapse
Cleaning Your Incubator