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New England Chicken Coop Plan - Instant Download

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EASY Do-It-Yourself, New England Chicken Coop measures 4' x 6' and is large enough for 6-8 chickens. Materials cost is approximately $250.

Instant Download PDF Plans by Fresh Eggs Daily Include:

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions including full-color progress photographs
  • Complete Illustrated Cutting Diagrams
  • Materials List/Cost Estimate
  • Full color photographs of the finished coop from various angles

The solid, raised construction, numerous wire-mesh vents and compact size make this coop a comfortable, safe home for your chickens - winter and summer/rain or shine. Cleanup is easily accomplished from outside - no crawling inside the coop - using the hinged roof access. Three exterior nesting boxes also with a hinged roof make gathering eggs easy. Using just basic tools - circular saw, jigsaw, hammer, electric drill/screwdriver, etc. you can easily build this coop over the course of a weekend.

Painted a pretty barn red, teal, or the color of your choice with a cedar shingle hinged roof and black barn hinges, the coop is attractive as well as functional. The vinyl linoleum floor inside is ready to be covered with shavings/straw and along with the hinged coop roof makes cleaning a breeze. With metal mesh air vents and three nesting boxes also with a hinged roof, the coop will make a comfortable and safe home for your chickens winter and summer.

The coop measures 4' x 6' not including the nesting boxes - large enough for 6-8 chickens to fit comfortably, or several more if all they do is sleep in it - and has three attached nesting boxes (each approximately 12" square) with a hinged lid to collect the eggs without having to go inside, two roosts, side air vents with latching doors, a latching front round vent and a latched door with a ramp for your chickens to get in and out. The coop also has a hinged roof for easy access for cleaning, refilling food and water.

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