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Stoney Ridge Farmer Gets a Tour of Meyer Hatchery

Meyer Hatchery recently welcomed Josh the Stoney Ridge Farmer for a behind-the-scenes tour of the hatchery. The tour starts with our owner, Karen Meyer and a look at how our setting machines operate to incubate the eggs that hatch all of the chicks. After the eggs are incubated for 18 days, they then move into the hatcher, where the eggs will spend 3 days while the chicks inside make their final preparation for their hatch.

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History of Meyer Hatchery, Vol 2

1999 was a pivotal time in the Meyer Hatchery story. The business had grown to a size to where it was obvious to the Meyer family that the hatchery was no longer just “mom’s hobby” and there was a demand for a wide range of poultry that was not being met. The business moved to its current location and new commercial incubators were installed.

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