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Celebrate Fall and Boktober by carving this easy “Chicken O’ Lantern”!

Nothing says October like carved pumpkins. Why not put a fun spin on your carving this year by making your own Chicken O’Lantern. While you’re at it, be sure to enter our Boktober Pumpkin Carving Contest! Tools You Will Need: Medium Size Pumpkin Bowl Carving Knife (under adult supervision) Paper Towels Toothpick Tape Pumpkin Carving Template (print me!) Newspaper Large

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Options for Processing Your Meat Birds

Many homesteaders and small farm owners like to raise their own meat chickens, turkeys, ducks and other poultry in order to provide wholesome, fresh food for their own use. Let’s discuss the options that currently exist for what happens at the end of the growing time: processing. Different rules apply to those wishing to sell birds to customers. If that

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How to Clip your Chicken’s Wings

Chickens are not typically great flyers, but they can get off the ground high enough to escape over fences, walls and even as high as trees to roost. Clipping your chicken’s wings can help keep your chicken from escaping and putting itself in danger of predators, or your neighbor’s yard. When clipping your chicken’s wings you will only be cutting

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Wry Neck in Chickens

Wry neck, also called crook or crooked neck, twisted neck, or stargazing, is a condition that can affect chicks, chickens, and other poultry. This condition causes your chicken to lose control of its neck and not be able to hold it up. It can progress to the point where the bird cannot stand without falling or walk without stumbling, and even

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