Meyer Hatchery Brand Ambassadors


    The best part about our Brand Ambassadors is that they were long-time Meyer Hatchery customers before joining our ambassadorship program. That means, they don’t get paid to say nice things about us. They truly love our poultry and products and are proud to share America’s Premier Poultry Source with their customers, followers, and fans. In return, we love sharing their unique stories from homesteads and farms to backyards. Meet the Meyer Hatchery Brand Ambassadors and give them a follow! 

    Meghan Gates


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    Favorite Breed: Welsummer (for laying) and Cornish Cross (for meat)
    Favorite Product: Incubator

    Amy Mings

    Maison de Mings, Illinois

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    Favorite Breed: Jumbo Pekin Ducks
    Favorite Product: Cold Weather Supplies

    Nikki Husted


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    Favorite Breed: Golden Cuckoo Marans
    Favorite Product: Brooder Plate

    Jessica Bertolino - Meyer Hatchery brand ambassador

    Jessica Bertolino

    New Hampshire

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    Favorite Breed: Buff Orpington
    Favorite Product: Happy Hen Treats (Mealworms)

    Elizabeth Stuart

    Crossing Creeks Farm, Tennessee

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    Favorite Breed: Rainbow Rangers
    Featured On The Coop Podcast: Listen Here

    Ambassador Details


      Meyer Hatchery is a family-owned business, started in 1985 and we pride ourselves as America’s premier source for poultry.

      To take part in our brand ambassador program, here are the guidelines to adhere to:

      • Ambassadors are expected to have a family-friendly presence. This includes no use of profanity or play on “foul language”, no sexual references and no politics or religious views.
      • As a Meyer Hatchery Brand Ambassador, you are a representative of Meyer Hatchery, and you are expected to be professional.
      • “Show your sharing” – tag us in photos, mention Meyer Hatchery in videos/stories, use Meyer Hatchery hashtags, note poultry from Meyer Hatchery in descriptions of photos/videos.
      • When posting about your poultry, be sure to share the proper techniques when raising poultry. Clean husbandry, proper feeding, and watering, etc.
      • Promoted content is exclusive to Meyer Hatchery during the brand ambassador predetermined time frame.
      In exchange for following the above-noted guidelines, Meyer Hatchery will provide the following:

      • A predetermined amount of poultry and/or supplies.
      • Feature in Meyer Hatchery social media channels
      • Meyer Hatchery will present the brand ambassador in a positive light.
      • Brand ambassador feature on Meyer Hatchery’s Brand Ambassador Blog page.
      • Share ambassador posts, stories, videos periodically on Meyer Hatchery’s social media channels.
      • Provide Meyer Hatchery media kit that includes graphics for ambassadors to use when creating content.

      Fill Out The Form


        If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Meyer Hatchery, please fill out this form.  We will review your content and will let you know either way if you are accepted into our program. We only accept a limited number of ambassadors each year