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Chicken Egg Anatomy 101

As an Agriculture teacher one of my favorite topics to teach about is poultry. There are so many topics and discussions to cover that I could teach a year round class on poultry alone and would not be able to cover everything. With that being said, I do believe it is important to understand the anatomy of the egg itself.

Meyer Hatchery Chicken Tractor Tour

Marie raises her Cornish cross meat birds in this chicken tractor set up. She raises 8 batches a year of 25 birds at a time, and this year she is trying all females instead of a straight run mix. So far she has noticed that the females tend to be less pushy at feeding time than the males.

What is Marek’s Disease

Marek’s disease is a type of avian cancer caused by a virus. It primarily affects chickens between the ages of 4 – 20 weeks. There is currently no known treatment for Marek’s, but thankfully there is a vaccine available!

Too Many Eggs? Try Some of These (non-breakfast) Ideas!

Last summer you were undone by the chicken math, and for months you have been feeding your ravenous flock of tiny velociraptors through the winter with barely an egg in sight. Maybe you have even been forced to (gasp!) buy eggs at the grocery store, but longer days...

Using Eggshells to Start Seeds For Your Garden

Starting seeds in an eggshell doesn’t have to be another Pinterest pin and forget it. It’s an easy and very practical method of starting seeds for us chicken keepers. You probably already have everything you need on hand.

Chick Genetics: Auto-sexing versus Sex-linked Hybrid Breeds

The desire to have as many female chicks as possible is so great that there are specific breeds of chickens that have been bred so that the flock owner or hatchery can determine the gender of day-old chicks more easily.  Breeds that are either autosexing breeds or sex-linked hybrid breeds produce chicks that are slightly different colors between the genders at hatch.

January is Soup Month: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Since January is National Soup month, we asked the Meyer Hatchery staff to share a tried and true chicken or egg soup recipe for you. This Chicken Tortilla soup recipe is shared by Cheryl, our store manager.

Crooked Toes in Chickens: Causes and Treatment

Crooked or bent toes in chicks can be an unsightly condition, but in the majority of cases, having bent toes does not affect the chicken’s ability to live a completely normal life. Crooked or bent toes (bending sideways) is different from a condition called curled toes paralysis (toes curl under causing the bird to walk on the top of the foot). Here are a few reasons when and why your chicks may develop curled or bent toes and how to treat them.

Breed Spotlight: The Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red originated in Little Compton, Rhode Island in the mid 1800’s, making it one of the oldest American-bred chicken breeds. It began in farmers’ homestead flocks, where a highly productive egg layer was needed, but whose excess roosters could still dress out as decent table birds.

Managing a Remote Team for Meyer Hatchery

I started working for Meyer Hatchery over the summer of 2016 and was the first remote team member (I actually live in Missouri!). Since then, I have added an additional 7 team members that are employed year round in 3 different states and are adding on additional team members for our extended chat and email hours during the busy season.

DIY Chicken Ornaments

Now is the time of year to make some fun ornaments to not only display on your favorite tree, but share with your friends, and family as a great present.  Learn how to make 3 “chicken” themed ornaments with simple supplies.

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