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At Meyer Hatchery, we think that chickens and other poultry are a great step towards a more sustainable future. But that’s just the beginning. Explore our sustainability tips, chickens in permaculture, egg preservation, ingenious ways to utilize your fresh eggs, and essential guides for processing your poultry. We’re here to support you through your poultry journey and be your partners in building a resilient, self-sufficient future.

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All About Eggs

Dive into topics like color, freshness, preservation, nutrition, and some egg-cellent recipes!

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Preserving Eggs

We teach you how to water glass eggs properly and safely. Long-term egg storage without refrigeration is made possible with the water glass method! Watch our YouTube video to learn about freezing eggs, too.

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Egg Anatomy 101

Let’s learn about the anatomy of the egg. We share all the parts of an egg and have a free downloadable fill-in-the-blank worksheet to test your egg anatomy knowledge!

Book Recommendations from Meyer Hatchery
Too Many Eggs by Mimi Smith-Dvorak Meyer Hatchery
Duck Eggs Daily Raising Happy Healthy Ducks Naturally by Lisa Steele Meyer Hatchery
Incredible Eggs: Egg Selection & Use Plus 50 Egg-citing Recipes Meyer Hatchery


Egg-cellent Layer Breeds

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Meyer Hatchery Blog Posts

Check out all of our egg-cellent blog posts for sustainability. We cover a variety of topics so you’re egg-cellently informed. If there is another topic you would like to see, please reach out!

A Crackin’ Comparison: Poultry Eggs

A Crackin’ Comparison: Poultry Eggs

From the classic chicken egg to unique options like duck, quail, goose, guinea fowl, and turkey eggs, discover their sizes, tastes, nutritional values, and culinary uses

Are These Eggs Fresh?

Are These Eggs Fresh?

How do you tell if the eggs in a “secret” nest you’ve discovered are fresh enough to eat? Find out about 5 ways to determine egg freshness.


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Help Desk Articles

If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on visiting the Meyer Hatchery Help Desk. We have great resources on a variety of poultry related topics. You’re sure to learn something new!

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How Often Will My Chickens Lay Eggs? Meyer Hatchery Help Desk
What is the anatomy of an egg? Meyer Hatchery Help Desk Article


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Fresh Eggs Corrugated Sign

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Egg Stamps

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Acacia Wood Egg Tray

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Black Egg Skelter

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Nesting Box Blend

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Stoneware Egg Holder

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Vintage Metal Egg Basket

10 Hole Nest Box

10-Hole Nest Box

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Turf Nest Pad