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Brooding for Beginners

Brooding for Beginners

A brooder is going to be your baby chick’s first home. It will be a safe, warm place for your chicks to thrive during their first weeks of life.

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Brooding for Beginners

Brooding with a Brooder Plate

When choosing to use a brooder plate with your new hatchlings there are a few things to keep in mind.

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All About Brooders For Your New Poultry

When considering your brooder set-up there are several things to keep in mind.

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How To Brood Broad-Breasted Turkey Poults

Brooding day old poults is very much like brooding chicks, with a few little adjustments to ensure the health and well being of your new little ones.

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Raising Guineas

Guinea Fowl make for excellent bug and snake control and will sound an alarm for your flock when there is danger, plus they are very entertaining!

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Why to Not Mix Species In A Brooder

It is important to not mix different poultry species in a brooder. It’s convenient for you but could be dangerous for young poultry.

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How to Revive a Weak Chick

We do our best to ensure their safety during transit, there are many factors that are out of our control. If your chicks arrive weak, chilled or lethargic here are a few tips to help ensure their survival.

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How To Treat Pasty Butt

When you receive your chicks, it is important to check their vents for any signs of pasting. Learn how to spot and treat pasty bottom for chicks, here!

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Spraddle Leg: Causes and Treatment

New to raising chicks? Spraddle Leg can sound like a scary term. What can be even scarier is when you experience it for the first time! Learn about it here!

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Surviving A Power Outage With Young Chicks

One minute the lights are on and the chicks are all snug as little bugs in the brooder. But a storm is brewing and the next minute, just like that, no power! Now, what are you going to do?

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What To Do If You Have Losses

While we do not anticipate a loss, Meyer Hatchery does cover losses of properly cared for birds that arrive deceased or that pass in the first 48 hours after the arrival. Losses must be reported within 72 hours of arrival. To report a loss with a recent order, click here.


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