Selling Your Farm Fresh Eggs

by Manda H

Published May 30, 2024

When raising chickens there are times when you may consider starting your own egg-selling business. It is certainly a wonderful way to justify your chicken math! Back in the days of the Great Depression, it was very common to have the woman of the house selling some of her extra chicken eggs to make some extra money. It can create a much-needed immediate cash flow if you already have your flock established. For this reason, this has been a popular way to generate extra income from your homestead. If you are new to raising chickens or simply looking to expand in this area of owning chickens, there are some things to consider before you embark on such an egg-cellent endeavor.

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Getting Started

There are many things to think about when considering whether to start up your own business selling chicken eggs. The very first thing you will want to do is determine any legalities for selling your eggs. For example, you may want to consider having an egg box in front of your house.  Make sure that your zoning allows for you to do this. Double-check your state laws to see if you have any important steps to take. Where I live I can sell to others directly, without any issues, but I cannot sell them from a place of business without a permit which is issued after an inspection and I would also be required to weigh the eggs and candle them.

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Customer Base

Have you researched your potential customer base?  Do you have a lot of interest from your friends and family to buy your excess eggs? Have you checked out your local farmers market to see if others are selling eggs? What kind of prices are they able to charge and can you tell if they are selling out quickly vs having issues moving their product? It is important to have a realistic idea of your business potential when you are getting started. It can be very easy to overestimate the demand.

Coop Limitations

Now that you have a rough idea of how many eggs you could sell each week,  how do you plan to obtain that many eggs? At this point, you need to determine which breeds you would like to raise. Are you going to offer all brown eggs? Want a colorful array such as blues and greens?  Be sure to look at the breed descriptions on each page of the chickens available at Meyer Hatchery to determine their potential so you can figure out how many chickens you will need in order to be able to fulfill your orders. Our top brown egg layer is the Golden Buff who will lay approximately 6+ brown eggs each week and then comes the White Leghorn, rated for 5+ white eggs per week. These high-producing layers can help you fill orders a lot faster than a breed that might only lay 2-3 eggs per week. A lower production layer could mean two chickens to lay the same number of eggs you would get from one high production layer. This is important to think about because two chickens will cost twice as much to feed and also require twice as much space. This would then result in higher feed and housing costs which will result in a need to charge more for eggs to cover your overhead costs.  Another great thing to consider regarding the White Leghorn and the Golden Buff is their nice lighter size of approximately 4 lbs for a mature hen. Their daily feed needs are lower than hens who are twice their weight.

Costs to Consider

Now that you have an idea of how many chickens you will need, have selected your breeds, and whether or not you need to increase the size of your coop, it is time to take in consideration how much this is going to cost. Based on the going rate of eggs in your area, how many dozens of eggs will you need to sell to consider yourself as making a profit?  Even if your chickens are already grown, take into account the initial price per chick, and the cost to raise them.  Make sure that you can charge enough to cover your costs.

There can be ways to reduce your overhead costs to help your business venture to be more economical. For my venture, I discovered that my local feed co-cop sold decent laying mesh for 1/3rd the price of bagged feed at the feed store. It greatly reduced my overhead cost so that I could continue my egg-selling business. I found ways to keep costs down by having customers supply their own egg cartons. Some of them even bring in plastic, reusable, and cleanable cartons. You can grow your own Mealworms to add to your chickens’ diet using very low-cost items from your pantry. You can also grow Sprouts in a Mason Jar to help offset feed costs, especially during colder months.

What Legalities Do You Face?

What are you allowed to do where you live? Is a roadside stand permissible? Are you allowed to have the amount of chickens that would be needed for your business?  Have you thought about the potential issues if someone stated they got sick from eggs that you sold them?  Do you want or need any special insurance to cover your business liabilities?  It’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about coverage options.

At the end of the day, you may determine that you will not make very much money at all, but it is still something you really want to do. Do not forget that doing something you are passionate about has value too. I know a lot of people who absolutely love their chickens and they literally give away dozens of eggs every week. It is absolutely a wonderful feeling to know you are providing someone else the opportunity to enjoy fresh healthy chicken eggs that are chock full of vitamins and nutrients after feasting on your fresh green grass and chasing down grasshoppers. Sometimes this value is the only thing that matters and honestly, it is important to consider.  The dollar isn’t always the bottom line.  Don’t forget to add a Meyer Meal Maker chick to your order of new baby chicks. With the Meyer Meal Maker chick program we encourage you to give back to your community!

Need some Egg cartons with a bit of pizazz? Check out these amazing option-  Assorted Colored Egg Cartons and the Clear Round 6- Count Egg Carton. Both options will give your home egg-selling business a boost of attention.

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