Meyer Hatchery’s Homestead Helper

by Linda F

Published November 21, 2023

Meyer Hatchery is proud to offer our Meyer Meal Maker chicks, a free optional female addition to help give back to your community. Adding to our lineup in 2024, Meyer Hatchery is excited to introduce the Homestead Helper, a free hatchery-choice day-old cockerel (young rooster) offered with eligible orders.

While it may be nice, the Homestead Helper is NOT someone coming to clean your coop or tend to your chickens. The Homestead Helper is designed to enhance the sustainability and protection of your flock.

Do I Need A Rooster?

Do I need a rooster? The answer to this depends on what you want from your flock and where you live. There are many various reasons only some people can have or want a rooster. But there are some Great Reasons to Keep a Rooster for those who can have one.

  • Want to hatch your own eggs? A rooster is essential for fertilizing hens’ eggs.
  • The Homestead Helper adds sustainability to your flock, allowing for natural incubation by broody hens or using an incubator.
  • Fertilized eggs are safe to eat, but regular collection is important to prevent brooding and chick development.
  • Roosters can play a crucial role in protecting the flock.
  • They are vigilant against predators, willing to fight if necessary and alert the flock to potential dangers.
  • Additionally, roosters facilitate foraging by calling the flock over when food is found.
Pecking Order:
  • Flocks with roosters in charge tend to have fewer pecking order issues.
Homestead Helper Infographic Meyer Hatchery Free Rooster Chick

While rooster personalities vary, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to their behavior, they can be valuable assets to your homestead. Appreciate their beauty, music, and protective instincts, but be mindful of their potential aggression. The decision to keep a Homestead Helper depends on your specific needs and preferences for your family or farm, but we’re excited to offer you the option! Add one to your order at checkout or contact Customer Service to add one to an existing order!

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