November Book Of The Month:

The Chicken Encyclopedia

by Lauren R

Published October 31, 2023

Chickens hold a special place in the hearts of farmers, backyard enthusiasts, and poultry lovers worldwide. For our November Book of the Month we’re featuring a stellar pick for anyone interested in expanding their chicken knowledge. Gail Damerow’s, The Chicken Encyclopedia, is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be explored.

The Chicken Encyclopedia An Illustrated Reference

A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Chicken

From the vast array of chicken breeds to deciphering their quirks and behaviors, The Chicken Encyclopedia dives deep into the world of poultry. This A-to-Z reference book covers it all. With engaging illustrations and a friendly tone, Damerow breaks down the chicken world.

Whether you’re a seasoned chicken farmer with years of experience or just dipping your toes into the world of poultry, this encyclopedia has something to offer everyone. It’s a valuable resource for troubleshooting common chicken issues, understanding their behaviors, and increasing your overall chicken-raising knowledge.

The Chicken Encyclopedia An Illustrated Reference  Meyer Hatchery

Discovering the World of Chickens

One of the standout features of this book is its coverage of breed descriptions. Whether you’re curious about the characteristics of heritage breeds or want to learn more about the exotic and rare varieties, you’ll find detailed descriptions on the breeds you’re interested in. From Ameraucanas to Wyandottes, Damerow’s comprehensive guide ensures you’ll never be at a loss when choosing your next feathery friend.

Beyond the Basics

The Chicken Encyclopedia goes beyond the basics of breeds and into the nuanced aspects of chicken keeping. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of terms like “forced molt” or “quill feather”? Do you know how to decipher a chicken’s alarm call? This book provides clear and concise explanations for all your chicken-related questions.

In conclusion, The Chicken Encyclopedia, by Gail Damerow is a must-have for anyone who works with chickens in any capacity. With its comprehensive coverage, engaging writing style, and purposeful illustrations, it makes for an enjoyable journey into the fascinating world of chickens. Don’t miss out on our November Book of the Month and the opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of all things chicken. When ordering the book during November of 2023, use the coupon code BOTM23 at checkout to enjoy 20% off the purchase of this fantastic book and receive a free bookmark.

Listen to our interview with the Author, Gail Damerow, on
The Coop with Meyer Hatchery Podcast

Gail Damerow joins us on The Coop Podcast. Gail has been raising poultry for nearly five decades and writing about chickens since her first book came out in 1976. You may recognize the name from her well-loved books Storey’s Guide To Raising Chickens and many more. Listen now!

The Coop Interview with Gail Damerow Author and homesteader

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