August Book Of The Month:

Four Season Farm Gardner’s Cookbook

Our August book of the month is another fantastic choice for the gardeners among us. Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook by Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman is a great resource for anyone interested in growing a large portion of their family’s vegetables and enjoys cooking with homegrown produce.

Part One: Gardening

Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook is divided into two main categories; part one is an in-depth discussion of gardening and part two is all about the kitchen and cooking your produce.

If you’ve never grown a garden, this book will help you get started. From starting seeds indoors to moving them outside into a sheltered cold frame, to transplanting them in the ground and tending to the plants as they grow, you’ll have step-by-step instructions to ensure you get as bountiful of a harvest as possible for your efforts. This book also discusses soil biology and amending your particular native soil to produce the best results. You’ll also learn about many types of irrigation methods, from hand-watering with ingenious hacks to make the work more accessible to automated sprinklers that allow you to water larger gardens more efficiently. Meyer Hatchery
The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook - Meyer Hatchery

For those who may already have some gardening experience, the authors have many useful tips to share with you. They discuss off-season tasks to help you plan and get a head start on the busy spring planting season, the best ways to maintain your gardening tools, and tools that you may or may not even need. They also share many ingenious gardening tips like how to grow some crops vertically to save garden space, ways to trellis those crops, and how best to harvest and store your garden produce for maximum enjoyment through the seasons.

Part Two: Cooking Your Produce

The second half of Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook is dedicated to recipes that feature the vegetables that come from your garden. There are many delicious recipes for you; soups, salads, dressings, egg dishes, cooking with greens of all types, and using summer vegetables like tomatoes and corn. 

If you want to become more self-sufficient and grow a garden, or if you already garden and want to learn more about high-efficiency year-round gardening, Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook is a great book to include in your homesteading library. Enjoy 20% off the retail price this month when you use code BOTM23 at checkout plus receive a free Barn-Shaped Cookie Cutter. Happy gardening and cooking!

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