Omlet Eglu Coop Tour And Spring Cleaning

This post is provided by our guest author, Omlet Coops.

Omlet has been designing revolutionary chicken coops since 2003. Since then, we’ve been challenging the hen care norm and inventing even more ingenious chicken-keeping products and accessories, like the Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Walk In Chicken Run, and our unique line of chicken toys and accessories. Omlet also designs easy clean products for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds. In this article, Omlet shows how spring cleaning your chicken’s coop doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore.

Are you struggling to find your inner “spring chicken” while cleaning your coop this season? Rotting wooden coops, dropping-caked roosting bars, and mite infestations are enough to drive any chicken keeper crazy during spring cleaning. But what if we told you there’s an alternative? Imagine a world where giving your chickens’ coop a deep clean takes just a few minutes – and is so enjoyable that you actually look forward to it. No scraping droppings off of wooden roosting bars or replacing old, rotten boards. No re-roofing, replacing broken or bent chicken wire, or repainting fading coops. In fact, what if we told you there’s a chicken coop out there that requires no maintenance at all? All this and more is possible with the revolutionary Eglu Cube designed by Omlet.

Spring-Clean the Eglu Cube

Omlet’s largest chicken coop, the Eglu Cube, is the easiest chicken coop to clean and maintain. In fact, with the help of a pressure washer, bucket of soapy water, or a chicken-safe disinfecting spray, you can have the Eglu Cube sparkling clean and ready for use in 10 minutes or less. Here’s the step-by-step process for deep-cleaning Omlet’s ingeniously designed chicken coop:

  • Remove the droppings tray and dump the bedding into your compost or trash
  • Spray or wipe down the tray and add fresh bedding
  • Remove the roosting rack and spray or wipe clean if needed
  • Close the internal nesting box door and spray or wipe down the interior of the coop
  • Dry any wet components with a towel, or allow to air-dry
  • Refresh nesting area bedding
  • Replace the droppings tray and roosting rack, and the Eglu Cube is ready to go

Since plastic is non-porous, there’s no danger of warping or splitting from becoming wet during cleaning. Deep-cleaning the Eglu Cube is so quick and simple that it will quickly become a satisfying weekly task instead of a dreaded seasonal event. And, with no danger of splinters or fragile wooden boards, the Eglu Cube is the perfect chicken coop for children to help clean.

Customize and Accessorize

It may be a cube, but the Eglu is anything but square! The Eglu Cube can be customized in a variety of ways to make it your own. Spring brings longer days, which can throw chickens off schedule. Why not add an Automatic Chicken Coop Door to automate your flock’s schedule? Let this coop concierge take care of your flock while you sleep in or stay out! A variety of enriching chicken toys and accessories can be added to your setup to create the ultimate play space. Or, add a Freestanding Chicken Perch to let your hens bask in the spring sunshine on a whole new level.

The Eglu Cube offers some shade beneath its elevated frame on sunny days or shelter during wet weather, but with custom-fitted Eglu Run Covers, you can fully shield your flock from spring showers and intense UV rays. Optional wheels and handles can convert your Eglu Cube into a mobile chicken coop to have your hens help with mowing the lawn or to give them access to the abundance of fresh vegetation and insects during the spring season.

Spring Back Into The Season

With Omlet, you can get back to enjoying one of the greatest seasons as a chicken keeper. Spring cleaning your chickens’ coop doesn’t have to be a sweaty, frustrating, and expensive occasion. Upgrade your worn-out wooden coop for a zero-maintenance plastic coop and look forward to every season knowing your hens are healthy, safe, and comfortable in their Eglu Cube.

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