May Book Of The Month: Raising Turkeys

For this month, we’re talking turkeys. Specifically, we’ve chosen a book that we consider a must-have for anyone who wants to raise turkeys for meat, for breeding stock, or for creating a business around selling hatching eggs or newly hatched poults. Storey’s Guide to Raising Turkeys by Don Schrider is a great resource for those interested in raising turkeys.

The opening chapter of Storey’s Guide To Raising Turkeys discusses the history of the turkey. Learn about the early wild turkeys found in colonial times and the importance of having turkeys thrive to provide a source of food. This chapter also discusses the improvements made to turkey breeds over the years.

Chapter two will educate you well on the three types of turkeys; wild, heritage and broad-breasted. You’ll be an expert on how the types of turkeys have developed and the best ways to secure your own turkey stock.

Chapters three and four outline the types of housing systems for turkeys and their feed requirements. Turkeys are quite different than chickens.  Turkeys have special needs in feeding and housing to provide optimal care. Dan Schrider discusses the housing and feed considerations in depth to help you make the best choices.

Chapter five is all about incubating and hatching turkey eggs. Learn every detail involved in collecting, setting, candling turkey eggs while they are in the incubator. Then learn how to track identification and how to successfully move poults from the incubator into their brooder.

Chapter six discusses all you need to know about brooding young turkey poults. Whether you’ve hatched your own eggs or are receiving shipped day-old poults, Dan discusses what to look for in poult behavior as they grow.  He will help you discern between a healthy, happy poult and one in distress.

Chapter seven is quite informative for those interested in raising turkeys on pasture. The housing needs, feed requirements, stocking density, and more details need consideration when raising turkeys on pasture. 

Chapter eight is about predators that may trouble turkeys and how best to deal with those predators

Chapter nine discusses dispatching and processing turkeys for meat. Learn the methods, tools, and skills you need to supply your own meat or create a business around processing and selling processed turkeys.

Chapter ten focuses on your turkey breeding program, different methods and tools you may need. 

Chapter eleven will help you learn more about owning and operating a business around turkeys. Learn the best ways to transport turkeys, marketing your products, product storage,shipping, and more.

Chapter twelve has an in-depth discussion of turkey flock health. Learn all about the diseases that may affect turkeys, parasites, and other health concerns you may encounter.

Storey’s Guide To Raising Turkeys by Dan Scrider is the most in-depth guide to raising and caring for turkeys. If you’re considering purchasing and raising turkeys in any capacity, this book should be the first one you read.

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