More Meyer Hatchery Leading Women

Meyer Hatchery is proud that our hatchery is run by a surprisingly high number of women, especially for a company that is squarely in the agricultural business sector. You likely may not see many of these faces, but you may be familiar with their names if you’ve been in our retail store or contacted our fantastic Customer Care team with your questions. Get to know some women who make Meyer Hatchery run like clockwork.

Chesnie – Retail Store

Chesnie has worked in the Meyer Hatchery retail store for two years now.  Meyer Hatchery gives her a chance to do what she loves, working with beautiful chicks and spreading chicken knowledge as much as possible!

She has been blessed with five beautiful children, a great husband, 42 chickens, a turtle, two cockapoos, and two ferrets. They keep Chesnie pretty busy! In her spare time, Chesnie loves gardening, preserving, camping, watching her kids play sports, and crafting.  Her goal in life is to retire surrounded by hundreds of chickens, lots of love, and a few mini Highland Cows!

Chesnie, retail - Meyer Hatchery blog

Crystal – Customer Care Team Lead

Growing up, Crystal had the best of both worlds. She was raised in town but spent a lot of time at her grandparents’ rural farm. There were pigs, chickens, cows, row crops, and her favorite, her grandpa’s tomato garden. As an adult, she married into a lifelong farming family and has found that is where she truly belongs. Now she and her family have their own livestock & grain farm, along with her beloved chickens, and every summer, an heirloom tomato garden.

Crystal joined the Meyer Hatchery remote team in the Spring of 2022 as a customer service team member taking calls, assisting customers via chats, and answering emails. Crystal quickly found her place as the Remote Customer Service Team Lead, where she can use her talents to support and set each team member up to be their best and to provide each customer with the best service out there. Crystal is analytical and loves to watch for trends within the support department to ensure that our customer service team is staffed well, has the resources that they need, and … Her favorite quote is, “I have a spreadsheet for that.”

Linda, call center - Meyer Hatchery blog

Linda – Customer Care and Writing Team

Linda is a mother to 3 lovely children, a dog, chickens, two ducks, quail, and often guineas and turkeys.  She enjoys learning about regenerative agriculture and is fascinated as she learns more about soil science.  She also enjoys a seemingly always expanding garden and making great use of soiled coop bedding in the garden or compost pile. She has been with Meyer Hatchery for nearly five years.

Linda started in the retail store and transitioned into customer service.  As a detail-oriented person with a love for words, she also proofreads, edits, and writes for the Meyer Hatchery blog and other projects. You may occasionally see her in some of our YouTube videos.  She enjoys helping to solve problems, doing work behind the scenes, and learning about the processes involved in operations.  Her dream is to own and operate a CSA to feed family, friends, and neighbors.

Susan – Customer Care Team

Susan has worked at Meyer Hatchery for nine years. She has had chickens since 2002 and started out with Meyer Hatchery’s started pullets. Then she received some Red Jungle Fowl from a friend and really enjoyed those birds. Then she had some surprise hatchings when a momma hen disappeared and reappeared with babies. Susan enjoys having fresh eggs and could never go back to store-bought.

Growing up in Susan’s family with a hardware store business, she learned to be a jack of all trades and master of none. On her homestead, they try to be self-reliant to serve their needs.  Susan has an orchard with apples, peaches, plums, cherries, pears, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries,  horseradish, and asparagus. Susan’s family also has honey bees, a stocked pond with fish, chickens, and ducks, and they make their own maple syrup. They grow a garden every year and do canning. Susan also makes wine from the orchard of fruit. Her husband makes hard pear and apple cider from the fruit too. Susan has raised meat chickens, meat turkeys, and quail.

Susan, call center - Meyer Hatchery blog

Susan enjoys being on the phone and talking to our wonderful Meyer Hatchery customers and giving them tips. She is also a Meyer Hatchery customer and loves the quality and variety of Meyer Hatchery’s birds and the different egg colors in her egg cartons. Susan has about 40 females and one rooster to protect, and they all give her such joy. Susan sells her extra chicken and duck eggs, and her egg customers just love them.

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