March Book Of The Month: Duck Eggs Daily

You have decided to add ducks to your coop, and you realize you need some help planning for the new addition! We have a great book to help you! Our Book of the Month for March is Lisa Steele’s Duck Eggs Daily, a great resource to get you started on your own duck-raising adventure! 

Duck Eggs Daily gives you all the basics you will need to raise ducks. Start off by learning how to hatch ducklings. Hatching ducklings is such a fun experience, and with Lisa’s step-by-step instructions, learn how to properly turn duck eggs, how to maintain proper humidity, and what to watch for during your ducklings’ 28 days of incubating and hatching.

Duck Eggs Daily March Book of the Month - Meyer Hatchery blog


Brooding is very important with all poultry. Ducklings grow quicker than chicks do, and you need to be prepared for this in your duckling brooder. Duck Eggs Daily shares tips for proper brooder setup including a draft free brooder box, proper bedding, and proper placement of their feeders and waterers. You can even use a spare bathroom tub for brooding your ducklings! Following proper brooder setup, will help to ensure your ducklings are off to a healthy start! Included charts are a quick reference for brooder temperature, supplies needed for your ducks, feed requirements, and more!

The Coop Podcast with Meyer Hatchery

Listen to our interview with Lisa Steele, author of Duck Eggs Daily. It’s available on The Coop With Meyer Hatchery podcast or on your favorite podcast app or through the link below!

After your ducklings have grown to 7-9 weeks of age, it is time to transition your ducklings to living in their outdoor coop. Duck Eggs Daily shares steps for feeding your ducks, coop setup and predator control, duck pools, seasonal needs, first aid, and creating a routine for your flock. Do you have chickens in your coop? Lisa shares tips for coops with both chickens and ducks. Learn how to ensure your ducks are getting the proper nutrition as they grow, and lay eggs. There are many herbs and treats your ducks will enjoy, and this book helps you choose what best to offer your ducks. Why is your duck standing on one leg? Is this normal? You will learn all the different types of duck behavior and why. 

Then, Eggs!

Nothing is better than visiting your ducks in the coop to find they have laid their first eggs! Duck Eggs Daily shares the benefits of the nutritional powerhouse that is duck eggs. Try some of the included recipes to enjoy your duck’s fresh eggs! 

If you are looking for an excellent duck-raising reference that is going to help you from start to finish, then check out Duck Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele! During March, you can take advantage of our 20% off special pricing for the Book Of The Month participants by using the coupon code BOTM23 at checkout. 

This Month’s Freebie

Included with your purchase of this featured book is a free packet of pollinator mix seeds. Just in time for spring!

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