February Book Of The Month

The creative team at Meyer Hatchery is excited to announce the second book in our new Book Of The Month feature. Our favorite book for February is First Time Chicken Keeping and is an egg-cellent book for the first time chicken keeper.

First Time Chicken Keeping is authored by Andy Schneider and Bridget McCrea, Ph.D.  The chapters include:

  • Power to the Poultry: The Growing Urban Chicken Movement
  • Henology: Know thy Hen for She is Great
  • Backyard Outlaws: Are Chickens Allowed Where You Live? What Should You do if They Aren’t?
  • Prep Work: Getting Your Home and Yard Ready
  • Incubation:So You’re Egg-Specting?
  • The Art of Brooding: Preparing the Nursery for Your New Arrivals
  • Home Sweet Home: Coops and Runs
  • Safe and Sound: Protecting Your Flock From Predators
  • Nutrition: Common Management Questions and Suggestions
  • Illness and Ailments: Prevention and Treatment
February Book First Time Chicken Keeping - Meyer Hatchery blog
First Time Chicken Keeping book - Meyer Hatchery blog

This book would be perfect for a new chicken keeper, but seasoned keepers will probably learn some things too.  First Time Chicken Keeping includes plenty of beautiful colorful pictures and illustrations with just the right amount of information to inform without overwhelming the readers.  It is well organized and easy to find the information you need right now, quickly by topic.

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Information is included on the topics listed above and more, including some breed profiles. selecting breeds to suit your needs, things to consider before getting chickens, essentials of a brooder and biosecurity to name just a few. Many chicken keeping tips based on author experiences or observations are highlighted throughout the book. This book includes a glossary and a resource list.  It will give the reader a solid knowledge base to get and raise chicks into chickens and keep them healthy with each topic being covered in just the right amount of detail to make the information easy to find when you need it.  

This month, February 2023, is the perfect time to read First Time Chicken Keeping to be ready for your new spring chicks!  During this month you may take advantage of Meyer Hatchery’s special pricing for the Book Of The Month by using the coupon code BOTM23 at checkout and receive a 20% discount on First Time Chicken Keeping

Let me know how you like First Time Chicken Keeping by leaving a comment below.

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