More Ways To Reuse Feed Bags

by Jess N

Published December 12, 2022

If you raise poultry, there is one item you will find yourself with a lot of in no time. It’s feed bags! Feed bags come in all different colors and sizes and are useful after emptying the feed from them. Here are ten ways to recycle those empty feed bags into even more useful items.

Getting Started

To prepare your feed bags for any of these projects, give your feed bag a quick rinse with warm water. Sometimes chicken feed can be dusty, so it’s good to clean them out. Hang your feed bags somewhere to dry completely before starting your favorite project! 

Feed in bags reusing feed bags Meyer Hatchery

Outdoor Decor

Add a special touch to your outdoor furniture using your recycled feed bags. You can carefully cut open your feed bags and glue (or sew) a few of them together to create a tablecloth for your picnic table. A feed bag tablecloth would be easy to clean, and you can throw it away if it becomes too dirty by the end of the picnic season. In addition to a tablecloth, you cut your feed bags into larger rectangles to use as placemats. 

You can also use recycled feed bags to create easy outdoor pillows. Cut two squares of your feed bag. Sew (or glue) the sides, leaving a hole open for stuffing. Fill your feed bag pillow with fiberfill or another outdoor pillow, and enjoy! 

In The Garden

Using your feed bags in the garden is a great way to recycle. There are many different ways to use feed bags in the garden. You can plant directly into the feed bags. Potatoes do well growing in feed bags, as well as tomatoes. Speaking of your garden, if you would like to keep the weeds down in your garden, you can use feed bags as fabric cloth. Simply cut open, and spread out your feed bag anywhere you don’t want weeds to grow! 

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In The Coop

Did you know that you can use your feed bags in many different ways in the coop? Feed Bags help prepare your coop for winter. You can use feed bags to insulate your coop, or block off places where drafts come into your coop. Feed bags make great windbreaks when preparing your coop and run for the cold weather. 

Decorating in your coop is easy with feed bags. Cut your feed bags into curtains for the nest box area. Not only will the nest boxes look great, but the hens will enjoy the privacy. 

For the Holidays

Spread some holiday cheer by using your feed bags during the holiday season. Feed bag stockings are a fun alternative to traditional stockings and are a fantastic way to celebrate your flock. Check out our Youtube video on how to make some stockings of your own. 

Want to make your presents look extra special? Use a feed bag as wrapping paper or a gift bag. Just be sure to give the bag a good cleaning before using it as wrapping paper or a gift bag. 

Fill Them Up

Feed bags are bags, after all, so you can use them as bags to help you with chores around the farm. Fill a bag with sand and tie off the top with twine to make a sturdy sandbag. Store your used pine shavings in the feed bags until you are ready to dump them into your compost pile. Are you cleaning in the barn or coop? Use your feed bags as garbage bags. They are more robust than traditional garbage bags.

Quick Tarp Material

Feed bags can be used for easy-to-grab tarps. Put your muddy boots on the feed bag. Store some feed bags in your car for moving something extra dirty. Need a quick drop cloth during a painting project? Use a few feed bags. They will keep your surfaces clean and are easy to dispose of after. 

Reusable Shopping Bag

Create your own custom reusable shopping bag by sewing some out of feed bags. Here is a tutorial on how to make your reusable shopping bag

Decorate with Them

Have you ever seen a feed bag and thought how pretty is that picture on the bag? Well, take advantage of that image, and make yourself some wall art. You can cut the feed bag however you would like. Either around the shape or leave the bag uncut. Add to your coop, barn, inside your house, or wherever you would like to display your feed bag. Feed bags make unique artwork and are conversation starters for sure. 

Create an Apron

A feed bag apron is very durable, easy to clean, and perfect for in the coop or garden. There are many patterns available to make your own garden aprons. Use clean feed bags and carefully sew your apron in place of fabric.

Go Sledding

If your children need a quick sled, cut open a feed bag and find the perfect snowy sledding hill! It’s so quick to make that you’ll will be out enjoying the wonderful winter weather in no time!

Hopefully, we have inspired you to reuse your feed bags in many different ways. There are so many options to choose from, so have fun with your feed bag recycling.

 Do you have ways you’ve reused feed bags that we haven’t mentioned? If so, leave us a comment and tell us about it.

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