What’s New For 2023 at Meyer Hatchery

If you’ve been on the Meyer Hatchery website lately, you may have already discovered that we are introducing some exciting new chicken breeds and hybrids in 2023. We are also curating a fun new Funky chick category on our website and hatching some specialty turkey breeds designed for the small backyard homesteader.

Wheaten Olive Egger - Meyer Hatchery blog
Wheaten Olive Egger
Fibro Easter Egger rooster - Meyer Hatchery blog
Fibro Easter Egger
Chocolate Orpington hen - Meyer Hatchery blog
Chocolate Orpington

New Chicken Breeds

The Sapphire Jewel is Meyer Hatchery’s newest hybrid chick offering, developed to lay sky-blue eggs in high quantity. Hens of this hybrid will lay seven eggs per week on average and begin to lay at around 22 weeks. The birds themselves are white with flecks of black or blue-gray. 

The Wheaten Olive Egger is another new colorful egg hybrid chicken Meyer Hatchery developed for 2023. Check out those beautiful green eggs! The Wheaten Olive Egger would be a great addition to your flock and egg basket.

The Opal Legbar chicken from Meyer Hatchery is another excellent breed for your flock. The Opal Legbar brings an enchanting, light gray-blue feather coloring with hints of salmon. If you’re familiar with the Cream Legbar and the Frost White Legbar, you’ll already know that the Opal Legbar also lays those iconic bright blue eggs for which the Legbars are known. This breed is sure to be popular, so if you see chicks available, don’t hesitate to place your order.

Funky Bunch Assortment of Day Old Chicks - Meyer Hatchery blog
Funky Chickens
Colorful Egg Layer Assortment Day Old Chicks - Meyer Hatchery blog
Colorful Egg Layer Assortment
Day Old Chicks

Hatch Some Fun 

We are also expanding our hatching egg breed offerings for 2023. If you’ve never hatched your own eggs using an incubator or let a broody hen do the work, you should try it. It’s a great educational opportunity for the entire family. 

Along with more chicken hatching egg breeds to choose from, we also offer quail hatching eggs and guinea hatching eggs. Now you have even more options when it comes to hatching at home!

Be sure to join our email list to find out when we start our annual spring hatch-along so you can join in with the fun. We also share exclusive savings opportunities through our emails.

Let’s Talk Turkeys

Meyer Hatchery is excited to offer two new turkey poults in 2023. The Meyer Hatchery Signature White and Meyer Hatchery Signature Black turkeys. The Signature White and Signature Black make an excellent alternative to the Broad-breasted White or Bronze poults for those who want a slower-growing and slightly smaller turkey, which means lower overall feed consumption and flexibility on the processing timeline.

These breeds will reach a mature weight of around 20-28 pounds live weight and can be processed at approximately 16-22 weeks of age for an average processed weight of about 15-18 pounds. 

Don’t Wait To Order

The Meyer Hatchery website stays up-to-date on available breeds and the number of expected chicks and other poultry to hatch every week. Most of our breed offerings sell out early, so don’t delay in placing your 2023 order!

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