Crazy Chicken Tender Starter Kit Buying Guide

by Meghan H

Published November 8, 2021

I think at one time or another, every “crazy chicken person” was once an onlooker wondering what all of the hype over chickens is about. Perhaps it started with an innocent desire to have fresh eggs in one’s backyard or an interest in a unique pet. But eventually, many of us cannot stop at just a “few” chickens. Once we learn that chickens can provide so much more than eggs, our need to add more to our flock and talk about chickens constantly grows stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you’re known as the “crazy chicken person.” And people say it like it’s a bad thing.

If you are a PROUD crazy chicken person, I think you will find this starter kit buying guide most helpful.

Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit Buying Guide

The Uniform

Let’s start with the uniform that every chicken lover must-have, a t-shirt from your favorite hatchery! Show off where you get your favorite birds from with these incredibly soft Meyer Hatchery t-shirts. Adding an Animal Stack Tote Bag will complete your ensemble and make toting around your gear more convenient and fashionable. This spacious oversized sturdy tote features genuine leather handles! Ladies on the go, don’t leave home without a feather cosmetic bag. This bag is perfect for holding your favorite lipsticks and powder. The vibrant colors and modern feather pattern is ideal for any crazy chicken keeper.

Crazy Chicken Lady Blog

For Your Home

Our Chicken Tea Towel set is not only functional but beautiful. Each chambray towel is truly a work of art. These decorative yet functional towels will complement your homestead decor and also make lovely gifts.

Transforming your kitchen into a homesteader’s dream or looking to add some poultry-inspired creative touches? No kitchen would be complete without an egg skelter helping to organize and display those delicious freshly laid eggs. Your dinner guests will adore a meal at your table dressed with our cute Rise and Shine chicken table runner. Using a chicken-themed stoneware platter will be the icing on the cake!

Crazy Chicken Lady Blog

For The Birds

Spoil your feathered friends with a day at the spa by sprinkling this Nesting Box Blend, where they lay your breakfast. After that, you can treat them to a high-protein snack they will love you for, mealworms! These are not only a delicious treat for your flock, but they are great to give this time of year to help them through their molt. Lastly, why use any ol’ plain leg band to identify your ladies (and gents) when you can make it fancy with Chicken Charms? After all, your chickens are not regular chickens. As a crazy chicken keeper, you don’t need a reason to use these other than the fact that your chickens deserve to feel pretty.

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Keeper Care

Next, I would recommend stocking up on a couple of tubes of Chicken Poop Lip Balm. Some people might turn up their nose at the thought of putting anything called chicken poop near their face; a crazy chicken person does not think twice. These come in several delicious flavors such as mint, and coconut, as well as an outdoors version. These fun lip balms also make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Despite the name, this product does not contain poop.

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Begin and end your day by grabbing your favorite mug before chores. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while kicking up your feet and watching your birds greet the day and tuck themselves in for the night. For more “must-have” products for yourself and your chickens, be sure to check out our gift buying guide!

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