High Protein Treats For Your Flock’s Molting Season

Fall molting can disrupt your flock’s laying habits, but there are lots of ways to supplement their feed to help their feathers grow back healthy and strong! Not all hens will stop laying during their molt, but it does coincide with daylight hours shortening and you may see a drop in production. Here are some treats that complement a normal diet to increase their protein levels.


One of the easiest things you can give to your molting hens is their own eggs! Scrambling fresh eggs, and cooking the shells right in, provides lots of great nutrients and protein for birds who need a boost. Make sure the shells are clean and eggs are cooled before offering to your flock.

High Protein Treats For Your Flock's Molting Season


Another great treat that hens love is dried mealworms or black soldier fly larvae. These high-protein bugs can be mixed with their feed or offered as a separate treat for your flock. The dried version of these treats offer more protein than live bugs and are a great supplement for flocks that do not free range to eat bugs on their own.

High Protein Treats For Your Flock's Molting Season

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is highly recommended by Lisa Steele for molting hens. Not only does this supplement provide extra protein, but it also has nutrients that support bone growth and overall wellness. It’s easy to provide your hens this supplement and one jar can go a long way! Just add ½ tsp for each cup of feed you offer your hens. Brewer’s yeast also has a high niacin content, which is perfect for molting ducks.

From Your Garden

As your summer garden winds down, there are lots of snacks you can grab from your own harvest!

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, berries, herbs, and corn are all great fall treats for your molting flock. Pumpkin seeds can be offered straight from the shell and also support natural protection from some internal parasites. The head of your sunflowers can be covered with a paper bag while the seeds mature so that local birds do not take the yummy treats you’ve worked so hard to grow. If you don’t have access to garden produce, there are many commercial treats that combine both mealworms and seeds for a double dose of protein goodness.

Additional Ideas:

There are so many ways to support your hen’s diet while they are molting. Remember, treats outside of their daily feed should be kept minimal to support all-over health, but extra protein during a molt can quicken the amount of time your hens are without feathers and keep their immune system healthy. Be sure to check out our wide selection of premade treats available both in-store and online to save time and provide your flock with the protein and nutrients they need during their fall molt.

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