2020 Meyer Meal Maker Stories of Giving

2020 was a tougher year than most for many Americans. We conclude this year’s blog posts by sharing some Meyer Meal Maker stories of giving from you, our amazing and generous customers!

For certain qualifying orders, you may choose to add a free Meyer Meal Maker chick to be used to provide eggs and or meat to those in need. 2020 was a tougher year than most for many Americans. In 2020, Meyer Hatchery provided 11,051 free chicks, compared to 6923 chicks in 2019. We are extremely proud and grateful for our amazing customers for how they stepped up and donated to those in need in order to relieve a bit of the stress for many.

The Amazing Stories of Giving

“My free Meyer Meal Maker chick ended up being a Speckled Sussex and she is the most friendly and loveable chicken of the four chickens we bought. She always comes up to the door and loves to be pet and played with. She’s a family favorite and we’re all so glad we were given her as our free extra. That one chicken alone has made this chicken keeping experience so much more amazing. Her name is Jenny by the way and she just recently started laying eggs!” – Luke

2020 Meyer Meal Maker Stories of Giving

“Our beautiful most lovely meal maker Hennifer is almost 6 months old and is laying eggs every day, we love her so much and will be donating her eggs to locals.” – Joni

“The meal maker from my last flock was a Marans who laid the biggest, most beautiful dark eggs. I live on a reservation that is getting hit hard by Covid. I spent this entire summer giving away eggs to elders and any others who asked me. I lost my job and didn’t have any way to help people, except with the combined work of my hens and I. At the very least, I was able to lend a hand with food security.” – Heather

“Our 3 meal makers fed families not working during the shutdown and are now feeding families in need.” -Carrie

“We received Nugget, a white rock meal maker, with our order of chicks in March of 2019. She’s endeared herself to us with her fun personality and by being a steady layer (she even waits for me to walk her to bed at night!). Thanks to Nugget and the rest of our flock, we donated eggs to a local church to be distributed to those in need. It made us proud to help families in our community during the pandemic.” – Betsy

“Just over a year ago, I was able to move out of the busy city. I found myself studying so I could become a crazy chicken lady! I found Meyer Hatchery with lots of info and breeds for rainbow eggs, but they offered a free chicken, to donate eggs/ meat. My chirping box arrived. I got an extra Lavender Orpington to help feed those in need. I posted in my community FB group for those in need to message me, also donate to family/ friends in need. Thank you for helping me, help them. My feathered girl is beautiful and loves living life to the fullest, especially when the coop door is open.” – Candida

“We got one from you last December with our order. It is such a blessing to be able to donate eggs to families who need them. We sell a lot of our eggs (we have 30 layers now), but it brings me joy when I can just give them some too. I love being able to help others & having eggs to donate makes for a great way to give back.” – Sarah

“I have a son with Down Syndrome… loves to eat chicken and eggs ( his 2 favorite foods) he helps me collect eggs and feeds the ladies… the meal makers, he collects and he gives them away…. we have a waiting list of people that receive eggs. He waits till there are 6 eggs, packaged them, and takes them to the people. He loves doing this!!!! He won’t take anything from the people, no money, no cookies etc. He truly pays it forward, usually his big smile and a hug (Covid has messed that up, but he’s learning) it’s an extremely heartwarming experience to not only see him enjoy the chickens but the smiles he puts on peoples faces when they are chosen to receive them. Thank you so much….. I know this is long, but just to let you know, you do more than just “sell chickens”, you bring all different kinds of joy to a lot of different.” – J.D

2020 Meyer Meal Maker Stories of Giving

“I was given a Meal Maker chick with my order in 2016. Her name is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner but I just call her Winner for short. She is four years old now but still gives us lots of pretty brown eggs to share with two elderly folks in our neighborhood. Winner has a very sweet disposition and is very curious. I think she is a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red. She is small with a huge comb. This year I got a new Meal Maker. Her name is M.D., short for Meal Deal. She is almost 3 weeks old. I think she is a Barred Rock. She seems to be out-going and curious too. I am excited for her to get old enough to start laying eggs and I’m sure my two elderly neighbors will enjoy her eggs too!” – anonymous

It’s Your Time to Make a Difference

A Meyer Meal Maker is a FREE day-old baby chick from Meyer Hatchery. We provide this chick in hopes you’ll raise the chick to laying or processing age, and simply donate the eggs or meat produced from that chicken to a local family or charity in need. Whether you order 3 layers or 300, you can request a Meyer Meal Maker on every chick order you place. The same goes for meat birds! This is just one simple way you and your family can get involved and make a difference in your community. The free Meyer Meal Maker chick is not an available option for Free Shipping chick orders, turkeys, waterfowl, or game birds.

Are you ready to raise a Meyer Meal Maker chick and share in the good that comes from helping your community? Help us help you give back to the community one chick at a time! Add a Meyer Meal Maker chick to your next order and then share your stories of giving with us using the form below, on social media, or by email. We love to hear how you and your Meyer Meal Maker chicks are making a difference!

Do you have a Meal Maker Story you'd like to share? 

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