Spice Up Your Egg Cartons With Stamps

by Meghan H

Published August 31, 2020

Let’s increase those egg sales by spicing up your egg cartons! It’s no secret that doing a little “extra” will make a difference in your business. I have created a list of materials and items to help you create eye-catching egg cartons.

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Items Needed:

  1. Paper Egg Cartons – I prefer the 3×4 cartons over the 2×6 because I prefer a larger stamp on the outside.
  2. Stamp for the Carton – I selected a large egg stamp that was personalized with our farm name and saying “Farm Fresh Eggs”. I ordered my personalized stamp through Etsy. 
  3. Egg Stamps – Meyer Hatchery offers a wide variety of egg stamps but my two favorites are the “Laid in America” and “Farm Fresh” ones.
  4. Ink Pad – I use an extra-large egg stamp with black ink so that it accommodates all of my stamp sizes. 
  5. String or Twine – I use both colored string and twine to wrap my cartons and to attach the tag with.
  6. Tags – Tags come in different shapes and sizes. Craft stores such as Michaels, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. carry these tags. You can also order them from Amazon, or make your own.
  7. Tag Punch – A tag punch is great for cutting blank tags that you can embellish any way you want. You can find tag punches on Amazon and craft stores.
Farm Fresh Egg Carton Decorating. Stamp, tags, and more with Meyer Hatchery

Decorating Process

Step 1 – Stamp your Logo/Farm stamp on top of your egg carton

Step 2 – Stamp your eggs

Step 3 – Arrange your eggs in the carton

Step 4 – Wrap the carton in twine or string

Step 5 – Apply a personalized tag

Have fun and happy decorating!

Handmade tag on farm fresh egg carton Meyer Hatchery
Farm Fresh Egg Carton Decorated Meyer Hatchery

Watch a Video Demo on Decorating Cartons

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