Which Breeds Make The Friendliest Rooster?

by Meghan H

Published April 27, 2020

The spring chick ordering season is well underway! If you are on the fence about getting a rooster, this blog can help guide you in picking breeds that are known to be the most friendly! 

Roosters are programmed to protect their flock. They can be fearless even when going up against a hawk or a neighborhood dog. Because of this, they can also be very intimidating to us humans!  Rest assured there are some breeds that are naturally more calm than others, helping you snag the friendliest rooster.

Rooster with chicken flock Meyer Hatchery

Keep in mind though that all breeds will have their own individual personality and it can vary wildly! What may be the calmest for one person, can be the most aggressive for someone else. It depends on their personality and their environment, so keep an open mind when choosing the best roo for you! 

Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles are known for their naturally sweet and calm disposition, they also can be quite curious! The males are a good size, weighing in around the 8-pound mark.  

Wyandotte Rooster Meyer Hatchery


Wyandottes can be protective over their flock when it comes to other animals, but when they are raised around people they are more accepting of them. For instance, my Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster, “Taco”, is so sweet around my daughter but attacks the dog. Which I am perfectly okay with since the dog needs to learn some manners anyway! These roosters tend to be in the 8-8 ½  pound mark.

Lavender Orpington Meyer Hatchery


Orpingtons can be the sweetest chickens! This is generally true for both the hens and roosters! This heavy, docile, breed has friendly personalities. Weighing in around 7-8 ½ pounds. This breed is also a dual-purpose, meaning it is great for meat production too! 

Silkie Rooster Meyer Hatchery


Our Customer Service Rep, Jess, has raised many silkies! She finds the Roos to be generally docile, however, they are protective of their hens. So it would be good practice to keep that in mind when handling them. They take a while to mature, but Jess tends to like her silkie roos over other breeds because they remind her of The Muppets! Silkies are a bantam breed, weighing in at only around 36 ounces.

Blue Black Splash Cochin Friendly Roosters Meyer Hatchery


Cochins are wonderful birds! The hens we have are the sweetest of our flock, just big balls of fluff.  Cochin roosters are known to be very mellow and very rarely start a fight. This information, however, is only true for the standard breed. The bantam Cochin roosters are not as easy going as the big boys. The standard breed of Cochin can get up to 8-11 pounds.

Rooster Meyer Hatchery


If you are looking for a large, intimidating looking rooster, Brahmas are it! They look intense but are generally non-aggressive. These birds can get up to a whopping 12 pounds!

Overall, roosters can be a joy to have around! I enjoy our rooster daily because he is such a character.  With any animal, you just have to be aware and cautious when entering their home and messing with their hens. Otherwise, enjoy your roos! 

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