How To Cook Eggs In A Pressure Cooker

It’s spring, which means your hens are probably back to laying large amounts of eggs!  One way to enjoy your abundance of eggs is to hard boil them to make deviled eggs, egg salad, or even dye for Easter. Cooking eggs in the Instant Pot pressure cooker is quick and will yield a perfect egg every time! Trust me, this will become your go-to way from now on to make the perfect hard boil egg.

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1: Pour 1 cup cold water into the Instant Pot. (The liquid is always needed in your Instant Pot to help it pressurize.) 

2: Place your metal trivet into the pot and set your eggs onto the trivet.  

I prefer to use the double tier egg rack, which fits 14 eggs.  The metal rack that came with your Instant Pot will work perfectly, or they also have a silicone option available too. 

3: Secure lid, select manual pressure and adjust to high pressure.  Your desired doneness will determine the time set. I personally like a soft boiled egg, so I set my Instant Pot for 3 minutes. For a hard-boiled egg, 5 minutes is perfect.

4: When finished cooking, do a quick release of the pressure.  

5: Remove eggs from the Instant Pot and place in a bowl of ice water to cool for 5 minutes. 

6: Peel and enjoy!

  • Refrigerate your eggs for up to 7 days.  
  • To help prevent your eggs from cracking while cooking, allow your eggs to come to room temperature. 
  • Settings may vary on your Instant Pot, so be sure to refer to your users manual.
  • I like to save my eggshells and offer them to my flock for some added calcium.

There you have it! A no-fuss and extremely easy way to hard boil eggs.  One of the best things about this method is the eggs will be extremely easy to peel.  Trust me, even fresh eggs that are typically difficult to peel will peel with ease. Enjoy!

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