Seed Starting In An Egg Carton

Do you have unused egg cartons hanging around your house taking up space? Let’s put them to use starting today! Starting seeds in egg cartons can be fun project for the entire family.

Items Needed

Egg Cartons:  I prefer using the paper egg cartons for this project however Styrofoam or plastic cartons will work. If using the Styrofoam or Plastic cartons, be sure to make little holes at the bottom of each cup so that the water can drain.

Soil My favorite soil for starting seeds is the Pro-mix brand seedling soil. 

Seeds– You can start any variety of seeds in the cartons, I prefer to use herbs and veggie seeds. 

WaterWater is needed to make anything grow. 

Controlled Area– When starting seedlings they need to be in an area that receives sunlight and is temperature-controlled. 


 Step 1: Put a thin layer of soil in each cup of the egg carton. You do not want to fill it over the halfway mark

 Step 2: Place a seed on top the base layer of soil

 Step 3: Top each egg cup lightly with soil. 

 Step 4: Water. This is the most crucial step. You want to water lightly and make sure you do not overwater the cups because you could cause the cups to flood and you could lose your seeds. Watering cans work great and are my go-to when watering my seeds. Your seeds should be watered once daily but you will have to be the ultimate judge on the soil wetness. 

 Step 5: Place egg cartons in an area that is temperature-controlled and has access to sunlight or use these LED grow lights.

 Step 6: Be patient and watch your seedlings grow. 

Be sure to share your pictures of your started seedlings in their eggs cartons on our social media pages or email us! 

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