Boredom Busters 2.0

Chicken boredom is something you definitely want to avoid within your flock.  Boredom can lead to trouble like feather picking, egg-eating, and an overall unhappy flock. If you experience harsh winters, your flock may get “coop fever”, much like cabin fever that so many of us humans experience when we are unable to enjoy the great outdoors due to bad weather. I’ve put together a few fun and easy ideas to keep your birds moving and grooving throughout the winter.

Straw Bales

Get your flock moving and keep them occupied for a bit by simply placing a bale of straw or a partial bale inside your coop or in your run area. By adding a bit of scratch grain or a small treat to the top of the bale you will encourage your flock to start pecking and scratching. In no time that bale will be spread all over and you will have a fresh layer of bedding in your coop or run.  It’s a great way to have your birds help with coop clean up! If you are in an area that gets a lot of rain or snowmelt this will help cover up some of that muddy mess.

Got Scraps?

Before you throw leftovers from breakfast, lunch and dinner in the trash, set them aside for your flock. Meat scraps are especially beneficial in the colder months and during molt as they will provide your birds with extra protein that helps keep them warm and promotes feather growth. 

All you need is a wire basket. Don’t have one? Not a problem, now you have a great excuse to hit up your local antique store or favorite one-stop-shop to find the perfect treat basket for your flock. Hang the basket in your coop or feeding area and let your chickens peck away the boredom.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who is the fairest of them all in your coop? Birds love shiny objects so why not add a mirror in your coop or run. This will reflect natural light attracting them to it. This will also serve as a form of entertainment for you the flock owner. Watch as your ladies catch glimpses of themselves as they strut past the mirror on the wall and find themselves staring at the figure in front of them. This is fun for all!

Edible Garlands

During the winter months, those that live in colder climates tend to miss the lush greenery that typically disappears under a thick layer of snow and or ice. Your flock also misses this. Add a colorful decorative garland to your coop or run that also serves as a fun snack.  Use apples, cucumber, melon pieces or any other produce you may have in your fridge. Simply take a BBQ skewer or something similar to poke holes in the produce. Then take sturdy twine, fishing line, or string and string the pieces of produce to form a colorful and scrumptious edible garland for your flock.


Create an extra obstacle in your coop or run by simply adding an old ladder. Propping it up gives your flock something else to perch and climb on. Keeping your birds active and entertained for hours. 

Get creative, the ideas for beating winter boredom are endless and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. With that said, if you would like to invest in some products to help beat winter boredom there are several great boredom busters that you can purchase like the chick n veggie ball and other delicious treats to provide additional activities for your flock. Check out our YouTube video to watch the treat making process to help your flock bust their boredom!

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