12 Steps For The Chicken Addict

As chicken lovers, we love and care for our birds as if they were our children. It is when that love for chickens takes over our every waking moment that we have a problem. Sneaking that second box full of chicks in the brooder, hoping no one notices after you just bought a dozen chicks two days ago. Blaming chicken math instead of our own lack of willpower when someone remarks about how many chickens you have. My friends, the struggle is real.

Meyer Hatchery’s 12 Step Chicken Addict Program

Admit you are powerless over chickens and chicken related items. 

Believe that only a power greater than ourselves could keep us from buying more chickens. 

Make a decision to turn your eyes when baby chicks are in the bins at the store.

Make a true and accurate inventory of all of your chickens.

Admit to others the exact number of chickens you have.

Be ready to say no when someone asks you to go to the hatchery with them.

Humbly ask someone else to go into the feed store during chick days.

Make a list of people we avoided because we wanted to spend time with our chickens, and become willing to make amends with them all.

Make direct amends to such people and invite them over to spend time with our chickens.

Continue to take chicken inventory and when you’re caught looking at a hatchery website, admit it.

Seek the willpower to remove yourself from any and all chicken-related boards and posts on social media websites.

Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps. It is impossible to recover from a chicken addiction and we must buy more chickens. I mean really folks, is a chicken addiction really that bad??

Now that you have learned recovery is nearly impossible, which breeds are you wanting to add to your flock? We promise we won’t tell! Browse some of our favorites below, or visit our website for all breeds we offer. 

Brown Egg Layers
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White Egg Layers

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