Meyer Meal Maker Chicks Help Feed Our Communities

As many of you know, Meyer Hatchery has a program called the Meyer Meal Maker to help encourage feeding our communities. When you choose to participate in this program, you may opt-in to receive a free Meyer Meal Maker chick in your qualifying order of chicks. The free meal maker chick you receive can be either raised to produce eggs or meat.  We ask that you donate to a local community meal program, food pantry, or family in need in your community. We love to hear from our customers all the ways they use their meal maker to help others in their community. We hope that these inspiring stories about Meyer Meal Maker chicks will encourage you as much as it did us!

Luke’s Story:

Luke K is a young poultry enthusiast from Warren county, Ohio, who participates in 4-H and shows broilers. When placing his two orders of chicks for his 4-H project, he chose to receive a free Meyer Meal Maker chick included with each order. Luke raised his broiler chicks with great success, taking third place in their meat class at his local fair!

Luke’s county fair had a limit on how many broilers he could enter, so he picked the best options from the group.  Since he had extras, he had to decide what to do with the remaining birds from his order, which included his free Meyer Meal Maker chicks. After sending his remaining broilers to processing, Luke chose to donate the Meal Maker Cornish cross broilers as well as two additional broilers to his local food pantry. The pantry was so thankful to have fresh, locally raised chickens to serve to their patrons. Way to go, Luke!

Marie’s Story:

Marie is a member of the Meyer Hatchery team and orders a Meyer Meal Maker chick with every qualifying order. Marie and her family maintain a large flock of hens to have eggs for sale at their farm in Marysville, Ohio. This past spring, Marie received a free Barred Rock Meal Maker chick with her order of assorted laying breed chicks.

The Barred Rock is a good layer of medium-sized brown eggs, so it was a great addition to her laying flock. Marie’s chick began laying around 20 weeks of age, providing families who usually wouldn’t have eggs for their family table.

Marie regularly donates dozens of eggs to her local food pantry, fire stations, and church to feed those in need as well as those who serve.

Make a Difference

The free Meyer Meal Maker chick is included upon request when available on qualifying orders of layer chicks and meat chicks. When ordering layer chicks, the Meyer Meal Maker will be an additional layer chick, and the breed included is hatchery choice based on available breeds. If you add a free Meyer Meal Maker chick on your order of broiler chicks, you will receive an additional broiler chick at no charge. The free Meyer Meal Maker chick is not an available option for Free Shipping chick orders, turkeys, waterfowl, or game birds.

Are you ready to raise a Meyer Meal Maker chick and share in the good that comes from helping your community? Help us help you give back to the community one chick at a time! Add a Meyer Meal Maker chick to your next order and then share your experience with us using the form below, on social media or by email. We love to hear how you and your Meyer Meal Maker chicks are making a difference!

Do you have a meal maker story to share? 

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