The Ohio National Poultry Show 2019

59 years ago, a group of poultry breeders formed a club known as the Ohio Poultry Breeders. Members of this particular club sponsored a poultry show named The Ohio National. The club held its first show in Marion, Ohio. In 1962 the show was moved to its current home in Columbus, Ohio. The name “Ohio National” suggests that no matter where you raise poultry in the United States, there is always an invitation to show at Ohio National. This unique poultry show brings breeders from all over the United States and of all ages into one building for one of the largest poultry shows in the country.

Up until 1998, The Ohio National was an open show. In 1999, The Ohio National added and hosted their very first Junior Poultry show. This show featured separate classes and junior showmanship encouraging and allowing for the growth of a new “poultry generation.” The Ohio National youth show has become the largest youth poultry show in the United States. Meyer Hatchery has had the privilege of sponsoring the youth show for the past 10 years. Helping to provide youth the opportunity to learn and grow through poultry has been a fantastic experience for our company.

Big Numbers

Last year’s show in 2018 had around 6600 total poultry entries. This year the youth show alone had 1800 entries, and the open show had 6800 entries. The Ohio National also features a sale barn and vendor area, allowing breeders to sell their breeding stock and other poultry specific products. There were a total of 100 vendor spots filled this year

Not Just Chickens

This year the Ohio National hosted a turkey extravaganza as part of their show, encouraging more turkey breeders to attend. More than 200 turkeys were entered, making it one of the largest turkey shows in several decades. The Heritage Poultry Conservancy was also in attendance. Their mission is to preserve and support all threatened breeds and strains of domestic poultry. The Heritage Poultry Conservancy educated both the youth and open show attendees on the great need to preserve these breeds and the need for proper breeding practices.


How are the birds judged at The Ohio National? All birds entered in the show are judged based on the American Poultry Association’s Standard Of Perfection, which classifies and describes all recognized breeds, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese in great detail. Judges attending the Ohio National use the Standard of Perfection as a tool when placing birds in each class. Judges look at the type of bird, their color, and the condition in regards to the feather and body quality.

Our Company’s Involvement

Each year Meyer Hatchery sets up a large display tent offering products for sale such as coop cups, the Standard of Perfection, a selection of waterers and feeders, poultry-inspired home decor, and many other exciting products. Giveaways are also a must at every show. This year we had a raffle for an incubator and another for a snazzy heated nipple waterer. Aside from the giveaways, we love to hand out Meyer Hatchery swag. This year we gave out Meyer Hatchery totes, pens, bumper stickers, coop cups, and 2020 magnetic calendars to our booth visitors. Kids of all ages loved our assorted colored Meyer Hatchery balloons and Meyer Hatchery tattoos.

Aside from the products and giveaways, there is something we get each year that is even more special. Every year we attend The Ohio National Poultry show, we have the privilege of making new friends and connecting with old friends. We love how each year we have many customers that make it a point to come and see us and to tell us about their poultry accomplishments. Children come up to us with their show birds excited to tell us all about their poultry experience, and parents come to speak of their children proudly. Showing poultry builds friendships, helps young and old gain life skills that they can carry on for generations, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Will We See You There in 2020?

Poultry breeders and enthusiasts attended from all over the United States to enter their birds in the show, to learn more about breeds and the breed standards, and to support friends and family entered. The Ohio National Poultry show is an exceptional show for adults and youth alike. We encourage you to participate in future shows held in Columbus the second weekend in November. It is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow and build poultry friendships that will last a lifetime. We will see you next year at the 2020 Ohio National!


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