Festive Fall Treats for Your Chickens

When you think of fall you think caramel apples, pumpkin bread, spiced apple cider, and everything pumpkin spice. Include your flock in these fun fall treats with our fall-inspired boredom busters. Enjoy making these 3 treats we know your chickens will go crazy over: peanut butter stuffed apples, corn cob treats, and a hanging pumpkin.

Peanut Butter Stuffed Apples 

Apple picking is such a fun fall activity. While at your local orchard or grocery store be sure to grab a bag for your chickens to make these yummy peanut butter stuffed apples.  

Materials Needed: 
  • Apples
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Favorite Scratch/Treat Mix
  • Knife/Corer 

Take your apples and core them so there is a larger opening. Combine your peanut butter and treat mix together in a bowl.

Scoop the peanut butter and treat mixture into your apples. Place out in your chicken run for your chickens to enjoy!

Corn Cob Treats

While visiting your local pumpkin patch or farmers market be sure to pick up some dried corn cobs. This fun treat idea is inspired by the book “50 Do-It-Yourself Projects For Keeping Chickens”, by Janet Garman of Timber Creek Farms.   

Materials Needed:

To begin, you will want to tie a string around the top of the cob and lather your corn cob with peanut butter. Next, you will want to spread your treat mixture out on a large flat rimmed tray and roll your corn cobs to cover the peanut butter. 

Now head on out to your chicken coop/yard and hang the corn cob for your chickens to enjoy!

Hanging Pumpkin

Have you ever cut open a pumpkin for your flock? If so, I’m sure they ran over fighting for their share of the golden goodness. Pumpkins are not only a fantastic treat option but a great boredom buster for your chickens. Hanging the pumpkin will help provide some entertainment while also allowing them to enjoy a fall treat. 

Materials Needed: 

When picking your pumpkin for this treat you will want to find a pumpkin with a sturdy stem, so it doesn’t break off when hanging in your coop area.  First, you will want to drill a hole in the stem of the pumpkin as close to the base as possible, so it is nice and sturdy when hung. Next, take a serrated knife or peeler and peel away the outer skin so your chickens can get to the inside of the pumpkin easier.

Lastly, run the rope through the hole at the base of the stem and hang 6-12 inches from the ground in your chicken’s coop/run. Now move back and let them enjoy their yummy pumpkin treat!

There you have it, 3 easy fun fall-inspired treats for your flock! What are other fun treats you offer your flock as boredom busters? Leave your comments below. 

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