Some of Our Favorite Breeds

by Meghan H

Published September 27, 2019

It’s no secret that the staff at Meyer Hatchery loves chickens. Team members of Meyer Hatchery are asked on a regular basis, “What is your favorite chicken breed or breeds of chickens” and we have answers! Explore some of our team members’ top 3 favorite chicken breeds and why they love them so much.

Jessica S’s Top 3

Partridge Cochins: They are so fluffy and look like a cartoon Mother Hen! Their feet are just the fuzziest things on the planet, and they are so calm and sweet.

Golden Laced Wyandottes: They are so pretty and curious! We have a Roo and a Hen (Names are Taco and Bell), and they kind of run the roost. However, they are friendly and will stare at you with one eye as they try to figure out if you have a snack for them.

Buff Orpingtons: Kara, my daughter, picked this one because her hen Squeakers “honks” if she gets bumped from behind. They are very kind birds that are used to Kara’s craziness, and it is funny when you hear this Honking noise that she makes out of nowhere.

Favorite Chicken Breeds Partidge Cochin, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington Meyer Hatchery

Kara F’s Top 3

Ameraucanas: I love their beautiful blue eggs and fluffy faces!

Marans: Can’t beat the chocolate-colored eggs, oh and of course the feathered legs!

Easter Eggers: I love their various feather and egg colors! No two are the same!

Kara Meyer Hatchery Favorite Chicken Breeds Easter Egger, Marans

Jess N’s Top 3

Silkies: They are the best! Love them not only for their unusual look, but they make great mothers as well. Our Silkies have always laid consistently (when they aren’t broody), and our Silkie roosters are just the sweetest.

Polish: The Polish are a hardy breed and do very well in Ohio. I enjoy their egg production as well as their sweet demeanor and amazing hairstyle!

Easter Eggers: These were the first breed I ever owned. The Easter Eggers are so unique, everyone is different. It is very exciting to see the different egg colors, and they are very hardy. Having a hardy breed is so important where I live in Ohio. We are in the snow belt, so we need breeds that can handle the cold.

Jess Meyer Hatchery Favorite Chicken Breeds Polish, Easter Egger, Silkie Chickens

Amanda H’s Top 3

Orpingtons: I love this breed because they are great with kids, super friendly, and hardy in harsh winters

Blue Splash Marans: I love their coloring and sweet personalities and who doesn’t love a darker brown egg in their basket!

Easter Eggers: This breed is a fantastic layer, has so many fun color variations, and I also love the egg color possibilities.

Favorite Chicken Breeds Meyer Hatchery Brahma and Marans

Cameron K’s Top 3

Rhode Island Reds: This breed was my grandma’s favorite breed and my passion came to be since she raised them. They are excellent egg layers and make a great dual-purpose breed.

Silkies: Talk about unique! I love the variety of colors they come in as well as their overall docility. The Silkies are my 2-year-old’s favorite breed and he has no problem catching and handling them. Not to mention they lay beautiful blue-green eggs.

Frizzle Cochin Bantams: Adorable is an understatement. We recently showed chickens for the first time and our Frizzle hen took overall Grand Champion for all breeds. Needless to say, we will be purchasing more of these in the spring.

Bantam Cochin, Silkies, Golden Buff Meyer Hatchery Favorite Chicken

Manda H’s Top 3

Golden Buffs: Most reliable egg layer ever!

Silkies: I love Silkies because they are just so adorable running around.

Easter Eggers: I love how many different color variations are possible and how unique they can become as they mature.

Favorite Chicken Breeds Manda Meyer Hatchery Golden Buff Silkies

Sarah W’s Top 3

Easter Eggers: I love the Easter Eggers because they all look different and lay a green/blue egg. I’ve had up to 30 of them at one time and could tell them all apart. I have even had an all-white Easter Egger!

Welsummers: Welsummers are my go-to breed for dark brown eggs. I love that I can add that dark brown egg to my egg basket at an economical price per chick.

Austra Whites: Austra White is my go-to for a white/cream colored egg. I love that they mature early and are excellent egg producers. I also like them because they are a hardier breed over other white egg layers.

Favorite Chicken Breeds Easter Egger, Breese, Golden Buff

Elizabeth F’s Top 3

Wyandottes: Love them for their various beautiful colors, cold hardiness, and egg production. They can be friendly, but also have a big attitude!

Easter Eggers: I really like the variety of their colorings and patterns. The colored eggs are so fun and they are very docile.

Speckled Sussex: Best mother hens I ever had in my flock and they are just gorgeous. My Speckled Sussex is always the first to run to greet me!

Chicken Meyer Hatchery Sussex, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Silver Laced Wyandotte

If you do not have any of our favorite chicken breeds above, we challenge you to consider adding one of the following above to your flock. We think you will be very happy with your decision. Until next time, Happy Chickening!

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