How to Turn 5 Gallon Buckets into Nesting Boxes

by Meghan H

Published September 9, 2019

Looking for an alternative way to make nesting boxes? Have you ever considered 5-gallon buckets? This is an easy way to upgrade your chickens‘ space without breaking the bank!

5 Gallon Bucket DIY Nesting Boxes Set Up - Meyer Hatchery

How many nesting boxes do you need?

5-gallon buckets can make excellent nesting boxes for your flock, not to mention they are budget-friendly. How many 5 gallons buckets you need will depend on the size of your flock. It is recommended to have one nesting box per 2-3 laying hens but it is a necessity to have at least one nesting box for every 5 hens. In your coop, you will notice that each hen will use what she assumes is her “frequent nest box”. Some hens may share nesting boxes, which is perfectly fine.

Nesting Box Construction

The overall construction, design, and layout of your nesting boxes will depend on your coop and personal preference. If you are one that loves to build, you may want to consider building a rack or stackable racks for the buckets to lay flat in. In addition to the racks, it is a great idea to build perches from the outer ends of the racks. Maybe you are not the best craftsman, then you may want to consider placing the 5-gallon buckets on the ground in areas of your coop, making sure they are secure and cannot move. Last but not least; you can use bolts, screws, and nuts to connect the 5 gallons buckets side by side to form a base as well as making it sturdy enough to stack additional buckets on top of one another, in any layout that you prefer.

5 Gallon Bucket DIY Nesting Boxes Chicken - Meyer Hatchery

After you’ve established the location for the nesting boxes you will need to add bedding. My top recommendations for bedding are pine shavings and washable nesting pads.

Nest Pad for Nesting Boxes - Meyer Hatchery

With new nesting boxes and comfortable bedding, I guarantee your hens will be happy which also means more eggs!

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