How To Make Cured Egg Yolks

by Jess N

Published June 3, 2019

There are so many egg recipes out there for your farm fresh eggs, but sometimes you want to try something a bit different.  A great recipe to try, and really amaze your family and friends is cured egg yolks. Many thoughts come to mind with cured egg yolks, is it safe, how will it taste, is this hard to do?  Well not only are cured eggs really easy to make, but they also taste amazing, really celebrating the egg yolk, and it’s deep flavor. Here is a simple recipe for making these wonderful treats.

Ingredients needed:  4 farm fresh eggs, 1 ¾ cup kosher salt, 1 ¼ cup sugar, 8” x 8” baking dish, small bowl, nonstick cooking spray.

Mix your salt and sugar together.  Pour ⅔ of the mixture into your baking dish.  Flatten out the mixture with your hands. Using the back of a spoon, make 4 indents in the mixture to hold your egg yolks.

Next crack open your eggs into a bowl, and gently scoop out the yolks with your hand, one at a time.   

Salt Cured Duck Egg Yolk Meyer Hatchery
Salt Cured Preserved Duck Egg Yolk Meyer Hatchery

Carefully drop the yolks one at a time into the little spaces you made in the mixture for the yolks.

Next gently sprinkle the remaining salt/sugar mixture over the eggs yolks, making sure they are completely covered.

Cover your baking dish, and put into the refrigerator for 4 days.  

On day 4, take your dish out of the refrigerator, and gently uncover yolks.  It’s like uncovering a treasure! Using a pastry brush, or your hand brush off the extra salt.

Next, take your yolks and gently rinse them in water.  Pat them dry, and place them on a baking rack sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

Place a baking sheet under your rack, and put your yolks into the oven set at 200 degrees for about 3 hours.  You want the egg yolks to be firm, almost like semi-soft cheese, and dried out.

After your cured egg yolks are cooled, you can grate them and use them on top of pasta, baked potatoes, anywhere you would like a salty, smokey, yolk taste.  Think a yolk version of parmesan cheese!

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